Negotiating an Art Sale

Negotiating an Art Sale

July 14, 2022 — Negotiating an art sale can mean a lot of research. Good God, this sounds like the opening line to one of those obnoxious audio classes. So… dear class, in today’s model case, that research revolves around shipping costs. You see, the art collector who wants to buy Napa Sunset, which he saw in Paraduxx Winery, lives in Arkansas, and the shipping, handling, and insurance to get the painting to Arkansas is going to be $825. That’s UPS Ground, dear class. And oh, how I had wished someone from San Francisco was buying this piece and was simply going to put it in his, her, or quite likely, their, trunk.

Alas, class, this is not the case. Thus, the art collector from Arkansas and I are negotiating an art sale. Which, in the year 2022, means sending emails back and forth. For my research, I got two different quotes from UPS to make sure they were consistent, then emailed him the joyous news as to the cost. From there, I suggested, artfully, I hope, that we stick with the proposed reduction to $4500 and that he pick up shipping. 

Hopefully, hopefully, he will agree, or at least counter with something reasonable. Pray, pray, pray, my dear class. Let’s do this!! And pray for the other sale, too! And while we’re at it, let’s sell a couple paintings from the show in Weaverville. I know you can do it!

Okay, very well done. Class dismissed for now. Ice cream for everyone!

On another note, I did go to the art store as planned this morning in Santa Barbara. I surreptitiously felt the beautiful brushes in the oil painting aisle and took pictures of two types that I liked. I like them bright and stiff so they hold a lot of paint and put it down in a thick line. Trouble is, not many brands/models are like that. This store had no Kolinsky sable brushes (maybe because they are banned according to Wikipedia). But a couple of the Princeton hybrid sable/syn were nice and stiff. And only about $125 for a 1” wide brush, versus the Kolinskys in this size which are like $300. And that’s online at discount through Utrecht or Jerry’s Artarama, or Cheap Joe’s. The problem has been that the narrower Kolinskys I’ve bought kinesthetically blind off the internet, most of them are not stiff enough for my taste. 

Ah, the travails and trials to find the perfect brush. While still affording food and shelter. Any suggestions, class? Once you’re back in session?

Oh that reminds me to google the subsidy of the famous Renaissance artists. A friend who visited the great museums in Italy and Europe told me that the curator/guide said these artists were subsidized by the Mafia, through the Pope. Basically, the Pope cut a deal with the Mafia that to atone for their sins, they needed to subsidize the arts. Not sure if this is true, but can you imagine if our 5 Percenters did the same?

Dear Ones, please browse my website and buy some art!

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