My Paintings are Love Letters

My Paintings are Love Letters

Sep 14, 2022, Wed — “My paintings are love letters to our very alive and deeply intelligent planet.” This is my work encapsulated in one sentence. 

For M.A.D.S. gallery I needed to come up with that along with a third-person art statement and bio. I think I love this bio of myself better than any other. Here it is:


Lauren Forcella was practically dragged into art and nobody was more surprised than she at the wealth of talent just waiting for her to pick up a brush. Forcella had left her first career as a hydrogeologist and was focused on a writing career when a writer friend kept bugging her to join a creative process group at a local art studio. Finally she suggested that Forcella might be able to paint the illustrations for the children’s book she’d just written. Forcella thought, “Hmm, maybe I could do some cool first-grader art.”

What a surprise when she picked up a brush! Forcella had a latent talent she had no idea about and knew in that moment her life would change. She showed the paintings to another friend who promptly rented Forcella an art studio, surprising her with the keys two days later. Twenty-seven years later, Forcella has not stopped painting. 

“Nature saved me growing up”

Forcella gets her inspiration from nature, her “forever muse”. “Nature saved me growing up,” she says. “I spent many hours walking barefoot in forests and resting in magical places that I found. The feeling was one of exceptional presence and connection, with everything around me intense and radiant, yet also restful and loving.” Nature is still this way for Forcella and this aliveness or “supernature”, is what she strives to bring to the canvas. 

In her distinctive impressionistic style, Forcella uses classic oils in a wet-on-wet technique that combines contemporary impressionism with hints of expressionism and plein-air. Her paintings are drenched in bold colors and alive with movement and impasto brushwork. The thick brushstrokes not only add dimension, but give an emotional feeling to the work. Wet-on-wet is also called “direct painting” or “first coup” (from the French “a premier coup”). In this style, each section of a painting is completed at first pass. Where Forcella places a brushstroke is where she intends it to stay. There is no drying and reworking, and when she does rework, it is in the moment, wet on wet. 

Forcella loves this fresh direct style because it translates the emotional connection she experiences in nature. She hopes people will feel that emotional connection and “fall deeply and urgently in love with Earth.”

My paintings are love letters… just had to repeat that for ever-voracious search engines. And had to add that heading in the middle. Google has googled it and apparently people can’t read anymore without them. And now for an “internal link”. A warm invite to check out my new Calendar of Events page for a show near you.

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Lauren Forcella

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About Lauren Forcella

Painting nature is my way of being devotional to this beautiful planet we’ve been born to. I strive to bring onto the canvas the livingness, aliveness, and wildness of this wonderland we call Earth… Read More

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