My first art class

My first art class

Sep 24, 2022, Sat — I had to wait for the right teacher. Then I found her! And just had my first art class today. I was not disappointed. Anne Leveque. I’ll use more than initials for her since she is a working artist. We connected spiritually a few months back and I love her work. She is an abstract artist, and while I’m not usually too crazy about abstract art, some I like, and hers I like very much. I can see the spirituality in it.

She calls her work numinous. She spoke profoundly about the canvas being sacred space. About the importance of intentionality, of connecting to source. And that this intention/connection precedes numinosity. How the art itself, and the reaction of others, are all a byproduct of this. I couldn’t agree more. And I loved her articulation of this. At break, I asked another of the attendees, if she ever, in her art degree, had a teacher speak to the class like this. Never, she said. I felt even more certain after hearing that, that Anne was worth waiting for for my first teacher. 

Acrylics over oils?

We learned technique as well, and I was interested in that also because she claimed to have cracked the code for mixing oil and acrylics on the same canvas. And I’m talking about painting acrylics OVER oils. Very interesting and reminded me of Steiner’s veil painting. The layering and transparency. Only way more chemical heavy. And too chemical heavy for me on a regular basis. I mean, shellac??! That stuff is so poisonous. I have a simple studio. Classic oil paints, brushes, two knives for mixing, and linseed oil. I’m solvent free, and medium free, and all that other shit free. 

Does art get a pass from adding toxins to the planet? It is high use? I generally do give it a pass, and do consider it high use. AND I’m personally very conscious about trying to work in a way that is free of most of, and especially the worst of these products. I’m working for Gaia after all.

Seventeen people in there today and the fumes were outrageous. I wore my N95 for the fumes. And planted my easel by the front door and window. Still, it was terrible. I almost forfeited at the begging of class over the potential for fumes. But I decided to go for it. Tomorrow I’m bringing a fan and I’ll blow the fresh air in from the window. 

I forgot to take a pic of my piece from today. I’ll show you tomorrow. Don’t worry, I’m not changing my style. I like what I’m doing with impressionism way too much. But something told me to take this class from Anne. Glad I did. My first art class.

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