Mauna Loa Volcano Has Erupted

Mauna Loa Volcano Has Erupted

Nov 29, 2022, Tues — Wow, Mauna Loa Volcano has erupted. Forty years late the locals say. It’s strange this focus of mine on Hawaii right now. I’m in the middle of a Hawaii painting, Pele’s Kitchen is in a show for the first time, and I blogged last night about my curious incident on Lanai’i many years ago.

Incidentally, speaking of Pele’s Kitchen being up in a show (at Fulton Crossing), my friend CA, said it did not fit in the show at all. To the point that she thought it was a different artist. Pele’s Kitchen, to explain, is a painting of Kilauea Crater. CJ has a point. Yet, personally, I liked how it looked in the show and did not see it as such a different style, but more as a different subject, i.e. nighttime with only fire and stars as a focus. 

Two Kitchens for Pele

Now Hawaiian Goddess Pele has two kitchens going, Kilauea and Mauna Loa. Does this mean she’s got multiple personalities? I wouldn’t put anything past the elemental force of nature, Pelehonuamea. In fact, it’s best not to joke about it. My friend Penni sent me pictures from the Kona side in the morning and you could see the glow from the Mauna Loa flow at the top of the rise. And Pele’s hair? I guess blondes do have more fun! This is the big warning from the authorities, beware not the lava, but Pele’s hair blowing around. Basically golden strands of spun glass. Wow!

I worked all day on the (luxury lifestyle) Maui Sunset painting. The bottom two thirds of the painting is finished and I’m now working on the upper palms and the rest of the sky. The basic outline of the fronds are etched in with black paint which I will flesh out tomorrow. It’s possible I’ll have all the paint on by day’s end tomorrow. 

I’m so tired tonight, Pilates kicked my already-kicked butt. I’m looking forward to crawling into bed early. That’s all folks for Mauna Loa Has Erupted. But first, a red hot luxury cruise welcome to sign up for the newsletter.

Pele’s Kitchen, 30 x 40 in, oil on canvas by Lauren Forcella
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Lauren Forcella

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