Maui Sunset 

Maui Sunset 

Nov 28, 2022, Mon — I might have a name for the new painting in progress: Maui Sunset. It’s incredibly beautiful so far, if I do say so myself. And indeed, I am the final judge as to when something is masterful enough to call finished. Lots more to go on this one, but the tough parts are nearing completion. It’s soo juicy!! 

Today I finished the beach (lots harder than I thought) even though it’s super tiny. And am in the last quarter of the foreground vegetation. I ended up sleeping in today. It was so cold in the house, 48 degrees this morning, inside! I initially woke up at 6:30 and jumped back in my warm bed whereupon I feel asleep till 8AM. And then my Monday walk with KC was pushed forward so I didn’t get to the studio till 12:30. Not a bad day for a short day, though. 

So what cool key words can I use to unlock the windows of search? Maui Sunset is the subject. Posh Maui sunset. The view is toward Lanai, the sun setting behind it. I’ve been to Lanai, many years ago when my then husband was feted for being top manager in the nation. I strolled around with the president’s wife every day (it was a very small group, just 20 of us). We stayed at the resort on the beach a few days, and one night had dinner at the lodge in the mountains. There were only these two resorts at the time. One on the beach and one higher up on the volcano. Back then, I think Del Monte basically owned the whole island — all planted in pineapple. 

After dinner at the lodge, they drove us way out into one of the pineapple fields where an astronomer was waiting for us with her telescope. Talk about dark! There is zero light pollution on Lanai’i. It was incredible looking at the stars with this woman. During this era (back home) we slept outside in the summers. We were way out in mountain lion country and the entire back of the compound had a high iron fence around it. In other words, safe. We set up our bed right off the master bath and slept under the stars. The kids all pulled their beds outside, too. 

I saw so many unidentified objects during those summer nights when I would lay awake staring at the sky that I kept a “UFO” diary. I’m from the hard sciences, and the criterion about what made the diary was rigid. At the end of star viewing on Lanai’i, I lingered behind and asked the astronomer confidentially if she ever sees objects in the night sky not explicable by our technology. She looked at me very seriously and said, “All the time.” I’ll never forget her answer. I was like, yep. 

Well, this blog took a turn (90 degrees with no change in acceleration, lol) (one of my categories). So, in conclusion, what links should I share tonight, my loves? How about care of your original painting. And sticking to the theme of starry nights, here’s a painting inspired from Peru.

Sky Diamonds, 36 x 36 in , oil on canvas by Lauren Forcella
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