MADS Art Gallery

MADS Art Gallery

Sep 8, 2022, Thurs — A curator for MADS Art Gallery of Italy reached out yesterday hoping to add me to their show running late Sep – early Oct in Milan and Barcelona. It’s a digital show and the art will be broadcast on multiple huge screens at the event venues. And seen by anyone anywhere via streaming. 

I’m not sure how many artists are being represented, or how often my art is rotated through and how on the screen am I identified, but these are good questions for her. Done. I just sent her an email asking these questions. 

Bad Dreams

So tired! I had bad dreams last night about the carbon monoxide and alarm debacle I wrote about in last night’s blog. It’s hitting me harder today than yesterday. I couldn’t stop thinking about what might have happened to my niece if she had decided to make a dash for it. (She only had the two biggest plants to water). It only takes 5 minutes for carbon monoxide to kill you. Or if someone had turned a light switch on, anything that might have caused a spark. Especially the landlord’s unit, it would’ve gone off like a bomb, and in this heat taken out half of Redding.

I ripped the property manager a new one today for not recommending I call 911 instantly — or doing it for me! Instead they were going to send a handyman over sometime the next day??? In fact, they texted this morning at 11AM to see if I still needed one! And to think this kind of thing is their JOB! I am truly thankful, weak with gratitude all day, that I ignored the landlords and the property managers and called Redding dispatch from Colorado. The fire department was there within minutes.

F, my niece, and I talked and texted a few times today and decided that it’s a huge life lesson to always follow your gut feeling. Make waves, ignore the “experts”, be a bitch. Including calling 911 on someone else’s house if their alarm is going off. It could save a life — or a town. 

Okay, that’s enough for now. Let’s think MADS Art Gallery instead of Mad Max Fury. In closing, a warm invite to sign up for my monthly newsletter. Therein: less drama, more pretty pictures 🙂

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