Loving this Plumeria 

Loving this Plumeria 

Aug 8, 2022, Mon — I am loving this plumeria painting! Thank God for yellow plumeria as they are really helping me get through some crazy days. Here’s a slice of this one: I dropped my laptop off at Nerds on Call this morning and proceeded to the studio with a loaner laptop settled into the seat of my car. But before I went to the studio, I swung into Home Goods. I really want to find some kind of portable cart thingy to put by the kitchen table “office”. I’m sick of the mess and want to set up the bigger monitor that I bought, but it’s so cluttered, I need to make room. Nothing affordable there. My God, didn’t that used to be a discount place? 

So I continue on to the studio, open it all up, get the fans going, get my clothes changed and dunked. In other words I’m soaking wet when I realize I don’t have my phone. I look everywhere 3 times, purse, car, random places in the studio. Initially I think I must have left it at Nerds on Call, as I did use it there. What a distracted nerd! But fortunately, my brain did work and I remembered I also brought it out to google the depth of a binder when I was at Home Goods, to see if this one office cart thing might fit a binder (it did not). (A truly brilliant design!)

So, I got in my car soaking wet (there’s already a towel on the seat, whatever) and what a sinking feeling. I have no laptop, and NOW no phone either. It’s like being in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and realizing you have no fuel and no paddle — and no radio! As L would say sarcastically, “exactly like that, Mom”. But really, it feels like you are dead in the water. 

Anyway, Jarrad saved the day. I stomped into Home Goods with my crazy outfit and cruised the spots in the store where I’d been. Nothing. Stomped to the counter and they had it! A young man had turned it in. But first, they had to ask me what my screen saver was as verification. And of course, I have Jay as my screen saver! My very own brilliant young man who I love very much. As I walked to my car, that made me smile and feel we were in cahoots. Which we are. 

Loving this plumeria, loving life. Thanks for reading, thanks for browsing my paintings.

Here’s Jay…

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