Long Ass Day

Long Ass Day

Sept 1, 2022, Thurs — Long ass day. Did I already say that? Oh, yes, that’s the title! And yep, that’d be referring to my long ass day, which I am loathe to bore you with. Because these long ass days are long ass because we are such creatures of the clock and calendar. And that is so boring. I’ve got a flight booked for Saturday for Colorado and to get everything done so I can leave has made for a long ass WEEK, if you want to get truly long ass about this. I’m in that classic 1st world bind where you about kill yourself so you can go on vacation.

Tomorrow the long assedness continues as I drive to Oregon to drop off art at Favell Museum in Klamath Falls — a 6 hour experience. Which means the rest of everything needed to get finished today. AND I had PT in the morning (my neck is really responding, that’s the good news). AND Pilates, which I moved to 4:30, BECAUSE I HAD Voldo’s monthly class tonight!

In between was Art

And in between was Art, with it’s own pressures breathing down my delicate newly-tractioned neck. I got the touchups on Wild Parsnip done (challenging). And I also got the canvases prepped for Anne’s thing. Speaking of them, I wish I had taken pics. I did three canvas underpants with oils. Just random colors in random shapes and they’re actually really cool!! Ah, shoot, can’t believe I didn’t take pics!! I would’ve loved to be able to look at them while in Colorado.

Then I had to close the place down (oh, my God, I AM boring you!), things like dumping the buckets of piss and vinegar and dumping the big dunk bucket. God, how I pray for plumbing in my next studio. 

I did NOT manage to clean my brushes, so they are reclining in linseed oil and paint sludge, like they do every night, only now they will be immobile for 2 weeks. Not so cool, but I think remediable.

Here is the photo of Wild Parsnip. I’m not sure if I love it or not.

Alright, I’m going to end this long ass day. Night night. Please sign up for my newsletter! It’s a nice change from my blog. I hardly complain at all!

Wild Parsnip, iPhone shot in the long ass day studio, 30 x 24 in, oil on canvas by Lauren Forcella
Wild Parsnip, iPhone shot in the long ass day studio, 30 x 24 in, oil on canvas by Lauren Forcella
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