Life is a Fairy Tale

Life is a Fairy Tale

Oct 11. 2022, Tues — I think my life is a fairy tale at this point. Like I’m locked in the castle and only can paint one painting over and over while lizards guard the entrance. Seriously! I worked on the darn Napa Fairy Tale AGAIN today. I have never experienced this with a painting before. Each day I think I’m done and then the next morning, I’m not. Who is this painter?? I don’t recognize her!

And I really have a lizard thing going on. I’m talking about huge lizards. Have I seen these ever before in Redding? Not that I can think of…. and certainly never at my house for two years, and never in the studio. But the last two days, either the same lizard or two different ones scared the holy wits out of me. One was by the front door, and the other way in the back corner where I change my clothes. In both cases, I almost stepped on them — in my bare feet I might add. 

Are they called snake lizards? Because they are huge, like 10-12 inches long, and quite thick. A very weird pink color with sepia green stripes. They do seem like snakes when they first slither. 

Lizards are good…

Oh wait, all the lizard stuff is really positive. They symbolize across cultures, protection, adaptation, strength, prosperity, sacred healing powers. It’s a very positive totem. Thank goodness, as I do feel out of sorts since I’ve been home from Colorado. I could use their protection right now. Yes, my prince…

Last night, I got out of my car at the market and there was this same lizard again, only this poor fellow had been run over. I had to practically step over the smashed body. I’m telling you!! Oh, and tonight, as I’m getting ready to pull into my driveway, a hearse is backing out. Really! A hearse! My neighbors were outside and I said, “That’s a little weird. Glad I wasn’t home!”  Apparently, he/they/? was just turning around. In MY driveway. In the time of lizards? And weird-ass enchanted paintings?

Okay, Life is a Fairy Tale blog. To goodness being rewarded and to betterment along the way. That’s my dedication. Oh, and to selling two originals this month. Please. And thank you. That would end my funk in two seconds. With that in mind, please browse my originals gallery and sign up for my monthly newsletter. And buy something!

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