Lauren Forcella Shout Out Interview 

Lauren Forcella Shout Out Interview 

Nov 8, 2022, Tues — On Monday, the Lauren Forcella Shout Out Interview with Phillip Ellering went live. I’m excited to share it with you. Phillip is such a good interviewer. He’s so very present and I love our rapport. Huge “shout out” right back to Phillip Ellering Stories!

I’m googling how to share it from his YouTube channel to mine. Oh! Well, I see he also he downloaded the whole video and trailer directly to me as well. That’s wonderful of him, I love owning my own copy of such things. So I guess I will also load it in directly to my channel, since I can. 

Ah, YouTube…

Here we go with another platform to figure out. Funny, I was just loading the video from the MADS show touchscreen display the other day. And now this. Suddenly I’m a YouTube sensation!! I have six followers, haha. 

Okay I’m back after 30 minutes of messing around on there. I have now uploaded the video and the trailer to my own channel. And I have also shared the video from Phillip’s channel to mine as well.

Here is the link to the full interview.

What do I learn from watching my first art video interview? Haha, I learn to not touch my glasses so often. I’m a bundle of nerves! I also learn not to scratch myself… I guess that’s what I’m doing?? I’m not normally itchy and I don’t remember having “an itch”, so assuming it’s more nerves. Lesson: just relax, you’ve got this.

Bigger lesson. Keep painting, keep believing. Stay in the light and the gratitude. Make deeptime with nature.

Thank you for reading today’s blog “Lauren Forcella Shout Out Interview”. And thank you, Phillip, for the wonderful interview. Here’s more about my art in case you want more after watching.
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