Lauren Forcella Contrado Store, Grand Opening tomorrow

Lauren Forcella Contrado Store, Grand Opening tomorrow

May 10, 2022 — Tomorrow is the Grand Opening of the Lauren Forcella Contrado Store! I created the newsletter today which goes out tomorrow morning to my email list with the announcement. 

I worked like a fiend all day, so tired right now, refining the descriptions on the site. The site has been extra fun because I am using a lot of my early work from the Cosmic Series. Here are the basic descriptions, from which I adapted most individual entries to be slightly different — all to be ready for the Grand Opening of the Lauren Forcella Contrado Store tomorrow! 

Umbrellas: Make every rainy day a kaleidoscope of color and a reason to celebrate with your own, Lauren Forcella umbrella! Stay dry and look your best with this unique rainy-season necessity. Sturdy and handcrafted by our skilled technicians, you will love it for years to come. From artist, Lauren Forcella, adapted from her original oil painting, Sonoma Gold. This one’s for you! Or make it the perfect unique gift for that special someone. 

Cups: Enjoy the sumptuous look and feel of this unique Lauren Forcella bone china mug. Bring some color and artistic style into your kitchen! From an original painting by Lauren Forcella of the same title.

Travel Mugs: Take your travel mug to the next level with a Lauren Forcella inspired design. Turn this necessity into an iconic accessory that will brighten your commute and your desk. This design is from her original painting, 

Parachute Shopping Bag:  You will love shopping even more when you whip out this beautiful durable bespoke shopping bag from artist Lauren Forcella. Designed to save a million plastic bags!

Cubes: Make a statement by adding this unique Lauren Forcella velvet-covered cube into your decor. The ultimate in contemporary chic and perfect for extra seating. Many sizes to choose from. Based on the original painting by Lauren Forcella,

Chairs:  Bring the garden indoors and make a style statement with this expertly crafted and comfortable occasional chair covered with nasturtiums! Built by our skilled technicians with attention to high quality, this chair is perfect for adding a pop of color to elevate your home or office. From the original oil painting by Lauren Forcella,

Cushions:  Make your comfy spots even comfier with this fun Lauren Forcella cushion! Order small enough to toss on a couch, or large enough to sit on.

And then followed that with designing my newsletter which always takes a half a day. Still need to make a website page about the store, and a block on the home page. 

shower curtain featured in the grand opening of Lauren Forcella Contrado Store

Very grateful to my email list and I’ll let the Artful Gents talk about the importance of that.

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