Jumpstart your Lovelife using the Rose

Jumpstart your Lovelife using the Rose

May 11, 2022 — Using the rose to jumpstart your lovelife is going to be part of an informal experiment very soon. What is going on is, through my art, I have met Valdo Lallemand who is the owner of Happy Couples Play Together in Seattle, which teaches principles of loving playfulness to help couples get along better and be happier by diffusing their conflicts with humor and play. He actually calls his workshops ateliers, which is French for an artist’s workshop, (also an English word, I just discovered), since handing conflicts in such a way is, in reality, an artform. As is a good relationship the result of artful interactions. Valdo used to be a corporate trainer and now this! We met when he saw my art on Facebook. I told him my roses might be a great artistic enhancement for his clients to own (and hang in their bedrooms) as part of jumpstarting or enhancing their lovelives, and he was intrigued. The red rose is after all the symbol of romantic love, and the rose in general is the symbol of the divine feminine. And then, his mind went to work. He is going to ask his clients to buy a red rose print and put it in their bedroom and report back! I will let you know what he learns. 

One of my red roses, Intoxication, the perfect rose to jumpstart your lovelife!

The perfect rose to jumpstart your lovelife!

And from here, I’ll leave it to the Official Artful Gents to talk about the rose as a symbol of love. Because we are doing an experiment: Can you jumpstart your lovelife with the rose?

It is probably safe to say that in Western culture there is no more common and enduring symbol of love and beauty than red roses. The symbolism of roses is a curious topic because red and white roses have completely different connotations. All of these earlier rose flower connotations have been used by poets and writers for centuries. Different cultures and folk traditions give the rose a symbolic meaning, although it is rarely understood in depth.    Show Source Texts

Examples of deeper meanings can be found in the language of flowers and how roses can have different meanings in arrangements. In Charlotte de la Tour’s chapter on roses, not only is the flower defined as “love,” but the plant itself is fictional. According to professional florists, red and roses symbolize love, love and admiration. As the tradition of exchanging roses and other flowers as love gifts prevails, red roses are naturally the flower of choice for sending the strongest messages of love.    Show Source Texts

The tradition of giving red roses as a symbol of love dates back to the Romans, as it was believed to be the favorite flower of Venus, the goddess of love. In Greek mythology, roses were often associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love, who wore a wreath of roses in her hair, and it was said that foam emerging from the sea became Aphrodite’s white rose. According to the Greek poet Anaklion, the white rose first appeared when Aphrodite, the god of love, was born; it was his blood that made the rose red. From Aphrodite and her lost love to the Victorian language of flowers, the red rose has always been a symbol of passion and intimacy.    Show Source Texts

In Roman mythology, wealthy Romans were reported and observed to prefer red roses to associate beauty with love. Symbols of love and romance depend on the number or number of red roses in the bouquet. The fragrance of roses is very good, so people also use roses as a symbol of romance to express their love. In today’s internet age, it has become very easy to express your love while sitting at home and sending roses to those who are interested.    Show Source Texts

Before sending roses online to your loved ones, let’s explain why this flower is considered a symbol of love. The rose, thanks to its beauty and magical fragrance, has helped people say “I love you” for hundreds of years. Every year on February 14, millions of people exchange flowers to express their love, and as of 2018, up to 250 million flowers are produced each year for Valentine’s Day, according to the Society of American Florists.    Show Source Texts

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