I’ve Been Framed! 

I’ve Been Framed! 

Nov 9, 2022, Wed — I’ve Been Framed! Subtitle: Prepping for the Art Tour.

Tomorrow I’m on the road to the Bay Area. I’m packing now. (Well, as soon as this is finished here. I’m not that good at multi-tasking.) It’s been a harrowing day getting all the art ready on time. I painted edges in the studio earlier and there was no time for messing up or changing my mind as to color. 

The real pressure was back here at the house where I have a “dry” studio. I made the frame yesterday for Vineyard Enchantment which is going in Paraduxx Winery, my first stop on the tour tomorrow. And tonight I put the artwork in it. Which is not that simple with a floater frame because you have to get it all centered in the “float” and then raise it vertically to do the screwing. In which case, it moves and is no longer centered. I’ve come up with a way to wedge cardboard between the art and the frame so I can make sure it’s centered. Then when I flip it upright, it doesn’t move. 

Building and affixing art in these expensive frames is nerve wracking! I’m worried I’m going to ding the frame, or screw it up in a multitude of other ways, and be out $250. And then not have time to get another set of chops before the delivery deadline. This is the third one I’ve framed so parts of the process were a little easier. But this time, I decided to drill out holes through the frame instead of just ramming the screw through like I did the other two times. I mean it could’ve split the frame and then, talk about screwed! 

Going Pro

So, I’m getting all pro here, drilling “port” holes. Is that what they call them? And it’s not working at all. I am so flummoxed. I figure it’s my stupid “lady driver” that my brother gave me. The wood seemed so hard!! Well, I’m embarrassed to say that I had the drill rotating backwards. Hah! Once I figured that out, I was in like Flynn and I’ve been framed!

And now ladies and gentlemen, we have reached our word count. Thank you for reading (as always). Please check out my calendar for the details on the show I am delivering to Fulton Crossing Gallery.

Vineyard Enchantment, 30 x 40 in, by Lauren Forcella, showing at Paraduxx Winery starting Nov 10.
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