Imagine the Horror, I forgot my Art Blog

Imagine the Horror, I forgot my Art Blog

July 9, 2022 — Imagine the horror, I forgot my art blog yesterday! So pissed. And why is the m-dash 5 strokes in Microsoft? I’ve never bellyached about this before, but really? Alt0151? It’s plain old stupid in this day and age. Oh, wait, this is Google Drive, haha, where it’s just two strokes of the dash. (Which of course I had to program that myself, but still, what an improvement.) 

I have a good excuse, albeit embarrassing for forgetting. You see, I had one of those impossibly long computer days again yesterday. This one in an attempt to integrate the two Google Drives I had, one on C drive and one on D. One old and mirrored and one streamed and synced. Actually they were both still synced which was the disturbing part. Disturbing because I wanted to delete the old one without losing a speck of the new one, and retain the parts of the old one that weren’t in the new one. And still have it sync to the new one.

The impetus to clean up this nightmare is I’m out of storage on C drive. So I want to put the new Google Drive onto D drive, but that’s where the old one is, and what will happen when they meet? Will it be a messy wedding with broken bottles and half the wedding party disappearing? Or the two sides miscegenating the second they meet to where I can never tease them apart? Or speak with them again?

I’ve had this problem for months, in full-on procrastination mode and now my C drive storage is at perilous levels so I decided to tackle it. So first up, I kid you not, is a 2-hour chat and screenshare with Microsoft, the rep concluding it was a head-scratcher. Next was a one hour chat and screen share with Google. Result: I was cut off on their end. Just disconnected like that. How typical is this??

At this point, I realized I just needed to go through the two Google Drives with a fine-toothed comb and make sure I had everything I wanted on the new one and delete the old one. So that is what I did. And there went the entire day. 

But did I leave the laptop? And this same chair? No! My neck is feeling so good from PT that I decided to watch Ted Lasso with my free Apple TV trial, which I signed up for to watch Coda the other night. Finally, I got to watch Best Picture, geeze. Honestly, I hate all these subscriptions. The subscription model is bleeding me and the other 90 percenters dry. 

My friends keep tell me about Ted Lasso, so I decided to check it out. You know how I feel about these series, I avoid them like crack cocaine. And for good reason. I watched almost an entire season last night, stopping at 1PM. Cocaine indeed. And that is how I became a delinquent and imagine the horror, I forgot my art blog!

My solution is to change the date (what a co-dependent!), so this will be say July 8. Which means I have to write another blog tonight. You know what that means? Less Ted Lasso time! Will I survive? Maybe if you sign up for my newsletter.

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