We Won The Billboard Contest

We Won The Billboard Contest

Sep 15, 2022, Thurs — Well, as I thought might happen, and as I feared surely would not, we won the billboard contest. We ACTUALLY WON the Fine Art America Billboard Contest! Can you believe it?! 

I am still pinching myself. And honestly, par usual, I am so bloody tired typing this thing at the close of the day and especially of the eyes, that I don’t even feel all that excited. But I actually am. Very excited.

I mean, can you believe it?! Nobody actually believed it. But I had a feeling. A really strong feeling. Who would have worked so bloody hard getting those qualifying 100 votes otherwise? I had to write a flipping instruction manual just to get my people to be able to vote! FAA made it so difficult. I mean it took people MINUTES!! And you know how people feel about that. And, well, honestly, it was difficult and a lot of people actually couldn’t figure out how to do it. But, go team, 100+ people, not many over 100, persevered through the tangle of mangled software and others read through my 20 steps to success to successfully cast their vote. And this incredible group of fans, friends and family got me the 100 votes that I needed to qualify my paintings to be considered. From there it was a juried show.

Do you know how many artists are on Fine Art America? Way more than I thought, I just looked it up. There are 500,000. Do you know how many put in to win the billboard contest? Nope? Well, I don’t either, and I can’t find the info anywhere. But it was free to enter so I would extrapolate that it was quite an armload. 

Anyway, statistics aside, the point is, the jury picked one of my paintings!!! We won the billboard contest!! Actually, there were 20 winners and there will be twenty billboards. Not sure where mine will be, but F thinks I need to take a road trip to it so I can take a picture of myself! What, getting arrested climbing my billboard? What a great idea!

Okay, to bed this girl must go.

I won the billboard contest with Aspen Sky, oil on canvas, by Lauren Forcella
We won the billboard contest with Aspen Sky, oil on canvas, by Lauren Forcella
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