I Found The Billboard!

I Found The Billboard!

Nov 15, 2022, Tues — I found the billboard! That’s why I’ve been missing in action for the past six days. It took me a long time to find it. I mean, there are a lot of billboards out there! Actually Fine Art America gave me the precise location, including longitude and latitude. That was a throwback to my geologist days. 

But finding the billboard was definitely a highlight of my junket. That and seeing six really good friends. First stop was Napa, where I hung the new Vineyard Enchantment painting at Paraduxx Winery. Then on to Fulton Crossing Gallery to drop off 20 paintings and helped hang them with the owners. That art show is up and going and looks amazing!

The Music Soup

That night I stayed over with my good friend Cheryl Alterman of “The Music Soup” fame. If you ever want to go to concerts and are too far away, sign up for her blog and you will have the pleasure of attending vicariously with her. She is a pro rock photographer, so usually is in the pit or backstage and always has a great takeaway in words and photos of the Bay Area music shows. She also did a lovely blog about my show at Fulton Crossing! Do read it if you have time.

The next night, I stayed over in Tiburon with good friends from my twenties when I was a geologist and they were eco/tech-pioneers and cold-war diplomats to the Soviet Union. We had some major adventures back then and stayed up late catching up on a billion topics. The next day, Saturday, I drove to San Jose to see the billboard. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get a picture of it whizzing along Hwy 101S near the Tully Rd exit, but I was able to catch it from the frontage road just on the other side of the freeway wall. Yay!! Super worth the extra miles. Photo below.

Then I drove back up to Sebastopol and walked the Laguna Parkway with my bestie, KC. Just like old times. From there, I cut through the Napa wine country to Lincoln, and spent two nights with another bestie LP (also my kids’ godmother), in her new house where she is breaking in a new knee. 

Thanks for reading “I found the billboard”! Check my art show calendar to see what’s up in your neighborhood.

I found the billboard! Aspen Sky by Lauren Forcella, Fine Art America billboard winner.
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Lauren Forcella

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