I Don’t Feel Like Blogging

I Don’t Feel Like Blogging

Nov 3, 2022, Thurs — Well, it’s the truth. I don’t feel like blogging tonight. But I’m going to tap these little keys anyway. It’s amazing how fast 300 words can bloom from underneath my fingers. Pure drivel of course, but… whatever. The infamous conclusion. No, it’s not a conclusion. What is “whatever?” Ah, it’s a dismissal. A shallow and righteous infamous dismissal.

Hmmm… getting juicy already. Just move my fingers and stuff grows. Ooh, but really I don’t feel like blogging tonight. I’m going to whine instead. I had such a long day: studio, Pilates, and skidding home to join my zoom class late. Finally I got to eat something and I’m still hungry. And it’s cold in here. And it’s a contentious election. We’re getting ready to move the clocks around like idiots. And let’s not forget about Covid.

Am I whining enough? No I am not. There has been no breather today and on top of that, I forgot about the blog and was going to do something else before I went to bed and then I remembered. And as I remembered, I realized I had nothing to say. My painting is not that exciting. I’m at that phase with many of my paintings when I think it’s a total flop. And in this one, I might be right.

Listen to those words. Ye of little faith. When have you actually had a flop? Well, that’s because I have time to listen to what the painting needs and adjust. But on this painting I don’t know if I do have that time. It all feels too rushed. 

I just want to play Scrabble and forget about it. Because I haven’t played for days and need my fix. Okay, now you know my guilty pleasure. To explain, I play Scrabble, right hand against the left. On a real board. (I’m on this computer way too much to also play games on it.) Nothing like the thrill of running my letters out. My best games I run them out five times. My average game, three times. That’s counting both players, of course. Right and left. It’s a little unbalanced though as my left hand is always winning. Thankfully my right hand is a damn good sport.

On that note, I’m off to play Scrabble! Wish my right hand luck. Here are some links to make the little man happy. Originals, Prints, Monthly newsletter, and to keep you on your toes, About the Paintings.

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