I am a painter

I am a painter

June 8, 2022 — I am a painter… and the plumeria painting is finished! I am calling it “Island Plumeria”. See below for a picture of the completed painting. My studio is a joy right now exuding Hawaii from both barrels (or easels, in this case). It was a short studio day to finish up and I was back home by 3PM to hammer out more admin details and make a big pot of keto soup to get me through the next 12 days of lunches, soup and salad being my lunch go-to in the studio.

What an incredible zoom meeting this morning with Nancy L. I had no idea she was a writer and her spoken word poems blew me away!! They are so powerful. I am inspired to use this vehicle to explain my passion and why around painting. Here’s goes off the top… but you have to imagine me speaking this:

I am a painter

I am a lover of earth

I paint the spine, the heart, the branches. The wild crevices.

The circle of blood. 

I am a painter

I am a lover of earth, 

her cosmic dance, a choreography.

With sun, moon, clouds, stars 

I paint the night and the day and the fat layer between

I am a painter

I am a lover of earth

I paint the wild places

The wet places, the magical places

The sun soaked and wind swept spaces

Bigger than human imagination. 

I am a painter

I am a lover of earth

Can you feel her?

In each brushstroke, in each color

Loving you more

I am a painter: New Work, Island Plumeria, 18 x 36 in, by Lauren Forcella
I am a painter: new work, Island Plumeria, 18 x 36 in, by Lauren Forcella

A warm painterly welcome to sign up for the art giveaway, a giclee print on canvas of one of my most popular paintings: Aspen Sky.

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Lauren Forcella

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Painting nature is my way of being devotional to this beautiful planet we’ve been born to. I strive to bring onto the canvas the livingness, aliveness, and wildness of this wonderland we call Earth… Read More

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