Hopping Down the Aspen Trail

Hopping Down the Aspen Trail

Oct 24, 2022, Mon — Hopping down the aspen trail. Hippity hoppity new painting on its way. And this is day what? Hah, my internal monitor loves to time me. To make sure I’m productive enough. It’s called measuring your criterion velocity, and lots of us high achievers have this “little monitor” inside us checking our work. Are we good enough, are we fast enough, are we reaching our goals? Or it is hopeless and should we just give up? Die right now? It’s so annoying, and yet such strong conditioning. 

Okay, Day 8, hah. I just counted from earlier in the blog titles. I’m reading a really fantastic book right now on women’s sexuality by Emily Nagoski. It’s such a good book, not just for sexuality, but for all of life. This concept of criterion velocity, and my little personal monitor, is life changing for me. Now I laugh about the monitor when I’m working instead of feeling stressed. 

Do read the book. Come As You Are. 2015. It really is some surprising science, to quote the subtitle. 

Today was great in the studio. I’m literally painting the path. To wit, hopping down the aspen trail. It’s pretty amazing if I do say so myself. The trail is definitely the highlight of the painting at this point. To the degree that I may have to intensify the trees a touch to keep pace. We’ll see. I have some big rocks at the front of the trail (bottom of the painting) that I’ll be tackling tomorrow. And that will be viola! From there, on Wednesday, I’ll do a color boost if needed elsewhere. But it might not. And if it does, it’s surprising how just one or two strokes of color in the right place can balance a painting.

OMG, I’ll give you one guess as to what song is stuck in my head right now. 

Okay, it’s a blah blah blog wrap. Oops, false alarm. Typically and markedly we are lacking transition words. Consequently, the little man is looking grim. Subsequently, that is why I am still typing. Geez, undeniably, he is very demanding tonight! As a result, I’m feeling dismayed. Finally!

Thank you for reading (always). And to make my third little monitor happy (there are two of these little SEO beggars) here are some more links: Originals, Prints, Art Giveaway.

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