Hitting the Beach—in Artwork

Hitting the Beach—in Artwork

July 28, 2022, Thurs — Today was about hitting the beach—in artwork. Got to the studio super late again, as I decided after PT to put the Enjoy Magazine article out to my public. Which meant also putting it onto my website home page and media page. That was a bit of a trick, but I’m getting better at Elementor, so it was only a 2 hour process. Nonetheless, I am proving that 4 hours a day in the studio, if you do that consistently, you can be prolific. And honestly with the heat, that’s about right. I was there today from 1PM till 5:30. And it was just under 100 degrees in there, inside! I do have a thermometer, I realize. It’s part of my clock. 

I’ve got a new strategy. I call it the block ice strategy. My palette fridge has a freezer that sits frozen and empty like tundra without the polar bears. And I have a white (camouflaged) washtub that is the perfect size for it. So that is how I create my ice block. Igloo building material. It takes all night to freeze it, so if I could find my second washtub I would have two igloo blocks a day to keep my bin of water nice and cold. I swear this could double as a science simulation of the Arctic! Watch boys and girls as the floating iceberg melts in 30 minutes.

Before the Arctic simulation, my personal blue ocean was pretty much room temp. Maybe not actually room temp in this case, but you get the idea. Yuck. And it comes out of the tap the same way because the pipe must be just under the asphalt, or maybe it’s running externally. I’ve never checked. Luckily my unit has water because a former tenant installed it. Super lucky. No drain, we aren’t that lucky. But that’s what 5 gallon drums are for. I do have a real sink that I bought and I catch the waste water below it.

Anyway, back to hitting the beach—in artwork. OMG, it’s looking really good. I only got about half of the beach done because of the short day, but tomorrow I think I can actually get there by 10AM and should be able to get the rest of the beach and all the surf done. Out to where it’s open ocean (which actually looks really hard, the open ocean). It’s SO lovely! So soft and tawny. Who said I couldn’t paint in pastels? Actually it’s a little bit in that cliché stage (these colors and the fact that it’s a beach, doesn’t help), but what I’m finding is the brushwork kind of obliterates accusations of cliché. It’s simply so alive!

And you will feel more alive, too, when you buy something fun and original from my Contrado collectibles store. Here’s some info about it from my website.

Hitting the Beach. Holy Toledo!
Hitting the Beach. Holy Toledo!
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