Hawaii Five O Painting is Coming Along

Hawaii Five O Painting is Coming Along

Nov 27, 2022, Sun — Yep, the Hawaii Five O painting is coming along. And you know what that O stands for. Now think times five and you get the idea of how much I’m liking it. I don’t even think I’ve mentioned it here I’ve been so busy and delinquent in posting blogs. 

I been working on it for about a week I would guess, lots of short days and two missed days with taking the Orland show down last Monday (I had just started it the day before). And missing Thanksgiving as well. So that tracks it. I started with first paint last Sunday. The thing is huge. I’m using one of the new canvases I had made. It’s 40×50 inches. It’s wild how it shouldn’t feel THAT much different from the 30 x 48, which I do plenty of, but in reality, it’s a huge difference. The thing is looming! I haven’t painted this large for a long time. Since Gold River. So over ten years. To think, it used to be my standard! The change has been only about the ability to transport the canvases economically and I’m super jazzed to be custom making them now for the Prius. 

Finally, in the last couple of days, I feel the form taking place in the painting and am getting really excited. It’s a complicated piece, a sunset from Hawaii with a lot going on. Foreground, beach, ocean, palm trees (lots of them), and a marvelous color-streaked sunset sky. 

I started with the lower palms, then added the band of sunset colors through the middle of them. From there I moved down to the left side foreground bushes, then today, got the ocean laid on, and some of the beach. Tomorrow, I should be able to finish the beach and all the foreground vegetation across the whole 50 inches. Thank God something is going fast while looking fab, and that is the vegetation. From there, I will go back to the top and add the two large palms on the right and the uncomplicated blue sky above the sunset colors on the left. The one place of calm in the painting. 

As the title says, Hawaii Five O painting is coming along 🙂 Malibu, next, then the Madives, then the Mediterranean, and, and, and… I mean, where else would you like to go yachting for your vacation? When you are not at Christie’s collecting art, that is? 

Okay, my dears, let’s add some links for the little man.  I think it’s my calendar of events (Sonoma County show right now!), and the Lauren Forcella Umbrellas (part of the prayer for rain to own one, don’t you think?).

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