Have Prius will Deliver Art

Have Prius will Deliver Art

June 28, 2022 — Have Prius will deliver art! That’s the new motto from Kemosabe. With my trusty Prius sidekick. Haha, did you know kemosabe means “idiot” in Apache?! I just looked it up. OMG, Tonto was on to something! 

And it’s true, I am idiot crazy over my Prius. I’m an original Prius owner from the year 2000 — remember the first model? It was so tiny! Yet also could hold SO MUCH. We’re talking Hermione’s beaded bag with the undetectable extension charm.  I remember once picking up my four kids from school and adding a 5th kid, M, who was coming over, along with everyone’s backpacks and lunch baskets, and even her giant cello. It was hysterical. Crowds were forming to see if we could actually fit, and it wasn’t even a strain. Well, actually, semantically speaking… when M got in last, she was in Jay’s class, a 6th grader, the car groaned quite loudly. We about died laughing.

In the year 2022, which is right now, I am on my fourth Prius. Except for that ultra-compact first one, I drive them well over 200K miles, my second one I stretched to 280K, and then I shop the used market and buy something younger. And sell the old one myself, which is always a quick and lucrative process. I’ve managed 22 years like this with no major repairs. Let me knock wood on that one. 

Prius breaks Art Hauling Record!

But getting back to my “have Prius will deliver art” motto, today was a personal record. My trusty steed carried 24 paintings! Mostly all big ones, only four little ones. My previous record was 18. Amazingly, I actually had room for 3-4 more big paintings. It’s got a completely flat cargo hold of 40 x 68 inches. 

The Prius did me right on the way home, too. Trusty Tonto kept me from getting a speeding ticket. We were pulled over on the way home from Weaverville going 74 in a 55—oops. I’ve been grateful all day long that the cop only gave me a verbal warning. Clearly Tonto was casting a love spell on the other trooper. Naturally, I did my best as well, I made sure to park in the shade for him, for one. After he let me off with a fatherly chastisement, I gave him my art card and invited him to the show. Gotta get my name out there any way I can. My new method is speeding.

I delivered to the Highland Art Center in Weaverville. The show runs July 1-31. Opening reception is Saturday July 2, 4-8PM, coinciding with the town’s Ice Cream Social. Will be extra fun with you there!

Have Prius will Deliver Art
Have Prius will Deliver Art
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