Happy relationships and playfulness

Happy relationships and playfulness

May 28, 2022 — Happy relationships and playfulness. It is Saturday and my second day home. Zoom class all morning with Valdo and 9 other classmates. Happy Couples Play Together is the name of his .com. Spelled just like that. So funny how I met Valdo. He sent me a friend request on FB, I accepted, he wrote to thank me, I said “you’re welcome”, and from there we started a conversation, which over the course of a few weeks led to him thinking about my roses as possible happy-couple enhancements for the bedroom. I told him the story of the doctor who walked into one of my rose-period shows, arriving early, so he and I were the only ones there. Him standing in front of the huge red rose (48 x 60 in, Love is a Rose), the centerpiece of the show, and saying matter-of-factly, “Wow, you must have a really good sex life.” I blushed the color of the rose. 

Eventually Valdo decided he himself wanted a big rose print, so he offered a trade for a spot in his next class, which is now two weeks underway and is about couples using play (and presence, curiosity and aliveness) to diffuse triggers and basically learn to fight well so you stay together. (I’m sure he would explain this much better.) Incredible class and he’s an amazing group leader, coming from leading groups in the corporate world. What a gift. I’m super excited about what I am learning and the role playing we are doing. There’s not much lecture, we are putting things into action immediately in diads and role playing in front of the whole group. Happy relationships and playfulness (or aliveness, or curiosity). 

Thus the blog title. And repeating it like a dementia patient. Because with SEO, well, too boring to explain, but you have to repeat your title like a dementia patient for a good SEO score — and it also needs to be different than the outbound link, which in this case is to Valdo’s website, happycouplesplaytogether.com.  

Happy relationships and playfulness. Love is a Rose, prints available. Original size is 48 x 60 in, created in 2000 I think. Y2K.
Love is a Rose, prints available. Original size is 48 x 60 in, created in 2000 I think. Y2K.

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