Get Those Votes

Get Those Votes

Aug 24, 2022, Wed — I now know what it feels like to be a politician. I’ve had a one-track mind all day. “Get those votes” is the only song playing. So glad this is not what I do for a living! AND, I think all three artworks are going to qualify for the contest. It feels within reach now, thanks to the hustle. Whereas yesterday, it felt sinking. 

I made a list of everyone important to me and reached out to all of them today. Almost all of them, anyway. There are still a handful that I will do tomorrow. I AM missing being in the studio. The days are flying by focused on this silly billboard contest. Hopefully not so silly and I will be one of the winners. I’ve also had a lot to do to get Palm Sunset prepped for shipment —and shipped! It’s out the door. Lovely communications with my new collectors. They just sent me a pic of the two of them, husband and wife. So much fun!

It’s also been fun to reach out to my important peeps, many of whom I don’t often reach out to often as I’ve had so many distinct walks of life. But I decided I really wanted them to be part of this important thing. Meaning the billboard. I am excited to share the win with them!! “Get those votes” has been a reason to connect with about 50 people. In other words, the contest is becoming a shared experience. And I might think of others. Past lovers, old friends, old colleagues. I’m thinking of a few more right now! Donn, for instance. OMG, yes!! And Marc, of course. From my geology years. And Jim B! It’s amazing when you scan the people and memories in your life.

Now it’s almost like I don’t want to leave anybody out. Because it’s a compliment to them. It’s been a wonderful reframe.

And all you zero blog readers, you are included, too!! I warmly invite you to join the newsletter and be the first to hear good news. And of course, buy originals!! Here’s the newest:

Redwood Sunshine, 30 x 40 in, oil on canvas by Lauren Forcella
Redwood Sunshine, 30 x 40 in, oil on canvas by Lauren Forcella
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Painting nature is my way of being devotional to this beautiful planet we’ve been born to. I strive to bring onto the canvas the livingness, aliveness, and wildness of this wonderland we call Earth… Read More

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