Gaviota Beach at Magic Hour

Gaviota Beach at Magic Hour

July 13, 2022 — Gaviota Beach at magic hour was stunning earlier tonight. I drove into Santa Barbara, dogs in tow, at 5:30PM and met Kash at her company after-work mixer. Significantly, I finally got to meet her wonderful boss, B, who I’ve heard about for the last two years. From there, we stashed her car back at her office and both got into the dogmobile, stopping first for poke bowls, then headed up near Gaviota Beach for sunset hour.  

Hopefully I got some worthy photos. We just got home and I haven’t even looked at them yet. Actually we were south of Gaviota Beach about seven miles and simply pulled off the 101 next to the train tracks. From there, we clambered down a trail to the beach. The beach was amazing here, with a really nice bike trail up on the bluff that you could walk from point to point on. After the sun fully set we made our way back to the truck and once we got on 154 to Los Olivos, a huge golden full moon surprised us both as we wound through the mountains.

While at Gaviota Beach for magic hour, another magical thing happened. I got an inquiry for the painting in Paraduxx winery! OMG please, please, please. The prospective buyer wrote me through my website and made an offer of $4000. I countered with $4500, just a few minutes ago. Hopefully it will come to pass. Pray, pray, pray with me on this one, too.

That’s two you are praying for! So funny to get two inquiries while I am visiting my daught. Funny because in September, I sold two originals in one day while I was visiting my son. Clearly my kids are good luck! 

I thought I had tons to say, and I do, but I’m so tired I can’t seem to get the ink flowing. Am I at 300 words yet? Close I’d say.

Oh! So tomorrow, I will ride back to Santa Barbara with the daught and return her to her car. Then I will go explore the gallery scene in Santa Barbara. I especially want to find a good art store and “touch the brushes” to scope out what brand and size I want. From there, I will finally know what to order “blind” from Utrecht.

Here’s one photo from the beach tonight. I love the champagne colors. Please sign up for my newsletter and be the first to see my new paintings!

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