“First Paint” on the Redwoods Painting

“First Paint” on the Redwoods Painting

June 30, 2022 — I’m off to a great start with “first paint” on the redwoods painting. All day I was swooning over the colors and how fast I was able to lay the paint down. I think for sure I’ll have it done before I go to Santa Ynez on July 11. Honestly I have to! And hopefully well ahead of time so I can have that day or two grace after completion when my eyes fully see from outside instead of only from inside. When there is still time for a small refinement if needed. Tomorrow is a full studio day and a lot more should be revealed.

In addition to the exciting “first paint” on the redwoods painting, I managed to grab another lake evening. What a coup that feels like and I wish I did it more often. It’s so easy, I don’t know what stops me. Whiskeytown Lake is literally 10 minutes from my door to the water’s edge with all my junk. My junk consisting of fanny pack, sun shirt, camping towel, scrap of accordion camping pad, camping pillow (home-made, the best!), and my noodle with the rope attached in case I want to swim across the larger inlet, in which case I tie it around my waist and let the noodle float behind me. It makes me feel comfortable as well as the folks on shore. And this said junk is at the ready, I throw my suit on and can throw the rest of my act together in 10 minutes. 

I went to my private cliff spot again, and glad I did. So mellow, nobody else was on the point, and yet the folks were at the two private beaches across the smaller inlet which is a nice feeling of security.  

It’s such a nice place to do my prayers and gratitudes. And nothing at all, how novel! Just tune into the elements and disappear into them. I turn my phone on airplane mode and don’t read or anything. I just swim and ground on the flat rock until I’m hot, then I swim again. The ultimate in letting down. I haven’t swam across the big inlet this summer yet. I did it before with my sis, she on the paddle board and me swimming. Feels a little weird doing it alone. But not that weird. I’ve got the noodle, so maybe once the water warms up a bit. It’s a long way and the water is pretty nippy once you get six feet from shore. Mainly I’m so LAZY! I cannot wait for Ashley to start up her Pilates class again in Sept.

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