First Paint Aspen Trail

First Paint Aspen Trail

Oct 17, 2022, Mon — First Paint Aspen Trail. Yep, away we go. And I’m no longer on a deadline with finishing it as my trip to Carmel has been pushed back till after Thanksgiving. That’s a relief.

Two big things fell out today. The other is that there will be no reception at the show in Fulton. It’s a little weird that they don’t host them still. Is “still” the right word? Is this “still” the Bay Area Covid policy? I’ve had multiple shows farther north and in Oregon this summer and fall and every gallery has hosted a reception. Two with food and wine. A third with drinks from common spigots. Anyway, without the gallery’s mailing list, I’m going to get like three people there if I’m lucky. So that’s out. YAY!

J and I are still riding down together on the 10th to deliver the art, going back on the 11th. That will be fun!

I did some other painting today, too. I tweaked Castle Creek a bit and finished the tweaks to Enchanted Forest. And I tweaked Rainbow Plumeria. My gosh, I’m a tweaker these days! Which is so unusual. I’m remembering when I broke up with A, I didn’t like the painting I was working on at all. I could not get it right to save my life. In fact, I finally abandoned it, which was/is a first. Then a year later, my daughter saw it and said, “Whaat?? This is my favorite painting ever!” I looked at it with her, in a new frame of mind and I loved it, too! So I ended up finishing it.

Maybe it’s something like that going on, where it’s not my painting, it’s my seeing that whacked. More reason to be super happy I’m not traveling other than drop off and pick up for these shows. There’s PLENTY of that to keep me in a kerfuffle.

Favell Museum comes down Nov 5. Fulton Crossings gets delivered Nov 10. And Orland comes down Nov 21. I am so looking forward to an out breath starting in January.

Okay, we’re there. Good Night Moon. Good Night First Paint Aspen Trail. And good night to whomever might be reading. Take good care. Buy the shoes, buy the art. And that wonderful French perfume!

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