Favell Museum Showdown

Favell Museum Showdown

Nov 5, 2022, Sat — Favell Museum Showdown. Hah, it sounds like a shootout in the old west. And funny thing is, Favell Museum in Klamath Falls used to be a famous western art venue. To clarify, the Favell is both an art gallery, and a Native American museum with an unsurpassed collection of tribal artifacts. I wept for those original people’s rude and relentless upheaval when I went through in September.  It’s a truly remarkable, beautiful, and lovingly-displayed collection.

Because the popularity of western art has faded into near-oblivion, the Favell now shows contemporary art, (excluding abstracts possibly?). My work was part of their annual exhibit and I was honored to be included, especially once I understood how special this place is. I never dreamed someplace this amazing for art, culture, and history would be in Klamath Falls. It reminds me of the Orland Art Center in that way. Truly special places in little podunk towns with the magnetism to draw folks from distant cities.

And like the Orland Art Center, both have absolutely delightful directors. In fact ALL the directors in the galleries I’ve been showing in are exceptionally vibrant women. My friend radar goes off the charts with all of them. 

I took my show down today instead of tomorrow. Because Janann, the director, contacted me this morning with a weather warning: it is going to snow for the next three days there. Today was super cold and rainy, too, but not snowing, so off I went. Today was the only real option since I need to get it to Santa Rosa on Thursday. I was on my way to the studio when she reached out. So I turned the car around, quickly regrouped and got on the road for Klamath Falls.

Home now. I picked up fish and chips (sans the chips) and just finished eating. Now, I’m ready for bed! Thanks for reading the Favell Museum Showdown. In conclusion, and as a non-sequitur, huge thanks to all my giclee print buyers this year. You are appreciated!

Here was my “section” of the annual show:

Lauren Forcella oil paintings at the Favell Museum Annual Show, Sep 24 – Nov 5, 2022.
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Lauren Forcella

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