Fairy Tale Loaded for Transport

Fairy Tale Loaded for Transport

Oct 12, 2022, Wed — Meaning no more work on this painting! Fairy tale loaded for transport to Sacramento Giclee tomorrow morning bright and early. Image capture: ready or not here we come.

 Fortunately, I walked into the studio this morning and did NOT see something more I could or should do to it. That lifted my mood right there. As did signing the back and labeling it with a name on a piece of masking tape for Josh. It now has the official appellation, “Vineyard Enchantment”. Coming to a theater near you.

I also signed, labeled, and loaded “Wild Parsnip” which I had completed right before leaving for Colorado. 

I feel like my funk has passed. The studio is empty again and a new canvas is ready to start with “first paint” when I am back on Friday. I completed the composition for “Aspen Trail” today (not the official name, but I kinda like it), and prepped a fresh palette with waxed paper. OMG, I keep forgetting to buy new small brushes! My favorites are bitten to the nubs. It takes weeks to get them delivered from these discount art supply houses, so I will surely be cursing myself starting Friday that I didn’t do this two weeks ago. I’m having a phobia around spending money. But, Lauren, dear, these are you BRUSHES!

Tomorrow is a full day of driving to Sac and then over to Chico to check in on M and bring her a chili relleno. I’m looking forward to our ritual late lunch from La Cocina Economica before heading back, skidding into Pilates right at 5:30PM. Gotta keep that pelvic floor in shape. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Okay dokey, fairy tale loaded for transport. Oh, and no lizards today. Must not need the protection anymore. 

But I do still need money, so I invite you to extend your legacy with an heirloom! Shop now for Originals, Prints, and sign up your husband/wife/friend/favorite auntie for the Art Giveaway.

Lauren Forcella

Lauren Forcella

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