Fabulous art interview this morning 

Fabulous art interview this morning 

June 15, 2022 — Fabulous art interview this morning at the studio. Followed by painting Palm Perfect. (Speaking of the painting, hopefully I can do that draft title justice. Can’t believe that for my first palm tree I picked one 30 x 30 inches in size. That’s about how much space the fronds of the tree take up. It’s the other center of the painting besides the sunset at the bottom. Gives me a little anxiety, honestly. I’ve painted my way up to the bottom of the fronds and tomorrow I will have to face the music.) 

But back to the fabulous art interview this morning! It went well, fabulous in fact, as I’ve said. It was very personable and relaxed. John Lewis, the journalist and photographer from Enjoy Magazine was great. We had a connection through Jeanne and Trinity County, and because of that it felt like we knew each other already. I’m looking forward to the article which will be in August edition. I still need to send him some TIF files and a thank you note. 

John was there at the studio for almost two hours and I think he got a thorough feeling for what I am doing. I brought in several NorCal paintings and put them on the easel one at a time and we used them as a focal point to talk about all kinds of things. 

It was so hot in there! I set him up in the big office chair covered with a towel since I sit in it with my paint clothes on and it surely would have “marked” him otherwise. Then I offered him some refrigerated sparkling Pelegrino, which, after discovering I don’t have a glass there anymore, having taken it home to wash and never returned it and as I drink straight out of the bottle, I poured it for him in a sour cream container. Haha, he took it in good stride like he was out on location in some remote wilderness. 

As part of the fabulous interview this morning, John took a few pictures, hopefully those will be okay, too. He let me look at them and I asked him to retake with an adjustment to my hair. He accommodated that but I’m not sure if they were any better than the first ones. I wasn’t having the best hair day and not much could be done. 

As always, in closing, much gratitude for your joining my newsletter!

I think he liked River Sundown the best, of the 4-5 paintings I brought.

Fabulous Art Interview This Morning.... sharing painting of River Sundown by Lauren Forcella
Fabulous Art Interview This Morning. I shared this painting of River Sundown by Lauren Forcella
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