Enjoy Magazine Interview Tomorrow 

Enjoy Magazine Interview Tomorrow 

June 14, 2022 — Enjoy Magazine interview tomorrow. Journalist, John Lewis, is coming to the studio tomorrow for an interview. Yikes, tomorrow!

Many thanks to my longest and dearest friend, Jeanne Gravette for tipping him off to my work. Thanks also to the management at Enjoy who approved of the project. Enjoy Magazine is the ultimate NorCal lifestyle magazine. Super high-end production, incredible photography and layout. It is classy classy classy. 

Palm Perfection?

What a day… so tired! Because of that, I actually took a power nap at the studio, something I haven’t needed to do for months now. Not sure if the heat had something to do with it, or the session last night with V, but I was worn out for some reason. I did rally after a 45 min nap, a little long to qualify for a power nap, lol, but that’s okay as I proceeded to make headway on the Palm Tree painting.

Speaking of today, I’m wondering what I should call this painting. It’s such a classic lone palm tree arching over a sunset streaked ocean. Palm Reading, lol. Funny. Classic Palm. Palm Sunset. That’s not bad. But then what do you name all the other palm tree sunset paintings? Perfect Palm. Palm Perfection. Palm Calm. Palm Song. Windy palm. Except not that windy. Palm Perfect Day. Ahh, I like that one. Or just Palm Perfect. 

Love is a Rose

In addition to the Enjoy Magazine interview tomorrow, Ashley, the owner of a shop in Oakland called and she is going to be ordering a huge giclee of Love is a Rose. It will be the centerpiece of her shop, The Yoni Temple. As it should be 🙂 Thank you to Lisa Schrader who owns the original and her Oprah-approved  tantric work which has introduced so many women to this piece of art. Or as Ashley says, “received its transmission”. Love it! Those roses were definitely transmitted to me.

I am grateful for abundance… in abundance! Many thanks for signing up for my newsletter.

Love is Rose by Lauren Forcella... and abundance is an Enjoy Magazine interview tomorrow!

Love is Rose by Lauren Forcella… and Abundance is an Enjoy Magazine interview tomorrow!

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