Enjoy Magazine Feature Story!

Enjoy Magazine Feature Story!

Aug 1 2022, Mon — I keep forgetting to share about the Enjoy Magazine feature story on my art. The August edition has been out for a couple of weeks. Jon Lewis did an amazing job on the writing, and staff photographer Jessica Zettlemoyer got a great pic of me. I think I described her shoot in an earlier blog, as well as Jon’s interview. Both experiences were a trip.

Heat talk warning: A trip mainly because of the oppressive heat in the studio. It’s seriously out of control unless you are soaking wet in a lot of cotton clothes. This is an example of one of these Redding moments where here in this little redneck town, I find the most high-caliber people. Jon is an incredibly good writer, and really made me shine. He took off the rough edges in the interview and presented the complex me, but without angles that might have bothered certain people in our polarized culture. Really grateful for how he presented me. I have, over the years a bazillion versions of my biography, and nothing holds a candle to this. This is the best one ever. Not sure how as he didn’t seem to be taking very many notes.  

And Jessica, would not give up until she got the shots she wanted. It was 106 the day she was here, and our appt wasn’t until 3PM, so it was the absolute heat of the day. It ultimately worked to my favor, because in lieu of dying of heat stroke, after over an hour, I stripped out of my cute little street clothes into my disgusting painting clothes, dunked myself in the tank, and then I felt like a million bucks and we got the best shots! 

I love the Enjoy Magazine feature story so much that I even bought a commemorative plaque. These companies descend like locusts when your article comes out and so I got multiple offers. But I hadn’t see the article yet so I ignored them. I seriously had my doubts that it would be something I’d want to brag about. But it is! So I took some of my sales money and invested in my presentation by buying a lovely mahogany plaque. I’ll post a pic of it when it arrives.

In the meantime, here’s the article. Huge thanks to Enjoy Magazine! And to Jeanne Gravette who called their ace writer, Jon, suggesting the story. Here’s the link the Aug 2022 edition online.

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