Day Two Mount St. Helena

Day Two Mount St. Helena

Sep 29, 2022, Thur — Yep. What the title says: Day two Mount St. Helena painting. I feel a bit like I forgot how to paint. I cannot seem to get the trees right. All these dark huddled trees. Half the painting consists of big bushy oak trees huddled together. So I better get that figured out. In fact that’s what I spent much of today doing, not to my satisfaction. That and the rows of vines, which is coming off better. But also needs tending. 

I hate being away. And then I did abstract work upon returning! Do I even know who I am??

Lol. Oh, dear one, have faith. I am often at this crisis and it always comes together. But this painting is tough as there is so little to go on. She whines. I wish I could actually SEE what the dark huddled trees actually look like. Not that that would tell me the colors, but it would tell me the form. Anyway, enough fretting. For now, I just want to come up with my 300 words and go to bed-ee-bye. 

MADS show is live

OMG, I’m a blank again! What did I used to talk about in this thing? Oh, the MADS show is live. Not that the streaming thing seems worth its salt. I made an avatar and entered the “Madsverse” but not much going on except a lot of neon and magenta and other avatars wandering around. No sound. Feels like being in a big gravity-free cotton candy aquarium. And where do you watch the show?? No sign of big screens. Personal avatar error, or MADS error? I did ask Mara and no response. I’m assuming the actual screens at the live show in Milan and Barcelona are much more interesting. They sent me some clips of it running with my pieces on the screens. 

I wonder if they are trying to simulate the Van Gogh digital experience? Well… at least a simplistic version of it. Wonder if this will be the gallery of the future? The whole idea makes me head spin and my skin crawl. I mean, can we get out of our chairs?? Or is even art going to something we look at online? Or if we go to a “gallery” in person, will the art be digitized?

Keep the faith, keep painting. It’s Day Two Mount St. Helena and tomorrow will be Day Three. And for now, a warm invite to browse my originals gallery, and sign up for my monthly newsletter.

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