Day Six Mount St. Helena

Day Six Mount St. Helena

Oct 3, 2022, Mon — OMG, it’s looking good! This is Day Six Mount St. Helena. Reporting from the front. And George, I would say, she is looking quite exotic.

Haha, she IS exotic, this mountain. She has always intrigued me. I used to constantly view St. Helena from Sebastopol, which was looking from the west, and seriously it was the most sexy thing on the horizon. It always reminded me of an elephant. I used to call it the elephantine splendor of the valley. It grounded the whole Sonoma Valley. In fact, I painted Mount St. Helena as viewed from the west in the painting “Sonoma Gold”. It’s a made-up view from memory. 

But viewing from the south is really something. So different than the western view. Here you have the geometry of seeing it from down strike. The profile, the side view, the short view, the cross-section. The angular view. And the way the sunset plays off of it. It’s seriously like a shimmering pink angular apparition floating above everything else. Hopefully I can do it justice. I’ll be doing the sky around it tomorrow and that’s always a challenge. In this case it’s a subtle job. The colors of the apparition are not too different than the colors of the sky. Where one ends and the other starts is not necessarily clear. 

Oh, gosh, it’s hot in here tonight. Must be right at 80 because the AC isn’t going on, but it sure feels like it needs to. I’m hot and bothered thinking about this mountain!! 

Am I at 300 words, little Ms. Day Six Mount St. Helena? Let’s check. And while the little man is scoring me, please browse my originals gallery, and sign up for my monthly newsletter. Next up, George: Who is Saint Helena?

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