Day Seven Mount St. Helena

Day Seven Mount St. Helena

Oct 4, 2022, Tues — Well, it’s Moody Tuesday and also Day Seven Mount St. Helena. I’m pretty much finished with it other than a reality check tomorrow and some potential teensy edits. It’s a moody painting. It’s post sunset, so the foreground is darkish, moody, and exotic. I don’t love it yet. There’s something not quite clicking. Hopefully I will see what that is tomorrow, or if not, that I will fall in love over time. Passionate moody love! It often happens. I can never predict. And sometimes I love the “underdog” paintings that I feel are weak or misunderstood. Angel Island Oaks is one of those. That painting is so exotic to me. But would I include it in my “top 20”? 

Whipped, exhausted, tired. These are my blog keywords, lol. Three hundred words. Please God hurry me along. 

Nice dinner I just had. I should have added starving. Thankfully, that’s fixed now. I had a nice piece of Costco’s frozen wild caught Mahi Mahi, previously unfrozen, and cooked in a heaping glob of ghee butter on the stove top with salt, pepper and lemon. Put a lid on it, flip it once. Serve with the butter and juices from the pan poured over it along with dabs of green salsa and lots of sour cream. It’s one my new signature dinners that takes me 10 minutes and is so dang yummy. The frozen pieces are pretty big, so that’s the whole meal. But, truth be told, tonight I went a little crazy and had a little chunk of yam with it. I was wanting that bright yellow sunshine food tonight. 

I’ve been drinking wheat grass shots in the morning for the last five or six days. I actually really like it. I’m just using the powder and whisk it up in a wee bit of water. Add ice cubes to chill it. Not bad at all! The first day I drank it room temp and it tasted like lawn clippings. Horrible and lingering. I had my doubts after day one. However, the ice cured it. I’m kind of shocked.

Did you know that I was given a diary with a little key in fifth grade? All I wrote in it was what the cafeteria served that day. Haha. I’m taking a cue from that playbook. 

Saying night night from Day Seven Mount St. Helena. Moody Mount St. Helena. And so the little man will give me a perfect score, I invite you to please browse my originals gallery, and sign up for my monthly newsletter.

Lauren Forcella

Lauren Forcella

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