Day NINE Mount St. Helena

Day NINE Mount St. Helena

Oct 6, 2022, Thurs — Welp, here we are at Day Nine Mount St. Helena. I took the new blue concept farther and I think it’s going to work. Meaning, those pesky hills in the transition zone. They are predominantly bright blue now, with shadows of purple and highlights of hot pink. I’m looking at my iphone shot of it now and I like it a lot! Taking some notes for tomorrow. 

Goodness… I’m leaning toward my usual keywords of whipped, exhausted, enervated, empty, brain dead, hahah. What an exciting blog. The woman needs a brain transplant, or maybe electroshock therapy. It’s only 9PM. I’m so drained. Probably from that cheesecake. I haven’t had sugar for two years this November (seriously) (keto diet), and I left Pilates with a piece of cheesecake that weighed at least 12 ounces! Needless to say, it was enormous.

I ate half of it and that pretty much bombed my dinner as I’ve been on Voldo’s zoom class since the second I got home. Crazy, artis interruptus day. I got in two hours, then left for a cut and color hair appointment, then raced back over for one hour. Then home for an hour to eat a super late lunch so I would have some muscle power for Pilates, then racing to same, then screeching back here to jump in 30 minutes late to Voldo’s class. Thus the brain dead present moment. 

And in between it all, FB and IG have been going off all day with my post about the Orland Art Show. The reception is tomorrow. I knew people were going to like the roses more than my current work. They are special. AND I love what I’m doing with the impasto alla prima impressionistic landscapes. People think the roses are a lot harder, but nothing could be farther from reality. What I’m doing now is significantly harder. That is why my style is uncommon.

Day NINE Mount St. Helena being a prime example. But I think I’ve got it. Sadly, it’s another short day tomorrow because I leave for the art reception at 2PM. But I’ll work on it till 1PM, and hopefully can finish!

Cheerio! And to keep the little man happy, I warmly invite you to browse my originals gallery, and sign up for my monthly newsletter.

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