Day Four on the Trail

Day Four on the Trail

Oct 20, 2022, Thurs — Day four on the trail. We’re talking about Aspen Trail, of course, the painting du jour. I’m loving it so far. It’s super different than any other aspen painting I’ve done. And that’s because I’m painting from inside the copse. Under the shade.

I’m feeling pretty shaded right now, myself. That’s code for exhausted. A word you haven’t heard much lately because I’ve been writing the blog earlier in the evening lately. As opposed to being the last thing I do before getting horizontal. Actually, tonight is early, too, only 8:30, but I’m totally whipped. And that’s because I woke at 2AM this morning. This is after going to sleep at 11PM, which if you do the math is kind of a problem. But I was so wide awake I got up and did some work and went back to bed around 3:30AM. I had no early appointments so I didn’t set an alarm — and didn’t wake up till 8:45! That should’ve set a fire under me. But not really, as you’ll see…

I was mostly ready to go, lunch made, breakfast eaten, when my daughter called. Well, that’s my favorite thing ever and I will drop everything to get in a call with her. Ditto for my sons. They’re my peeps!! (Did I actually give birth four times a long time ago? It’s so amazing to see J’s ultrasound, my grandson in the womb.) So we talked for almost an hour. Sweetness!! Which put me at the studio at the crack of noon, haha. 

The thing is, it all works out. I couldn’t believe how much real estate I painted today. Almost all the trees are done. Along with all their eyes, ears, and noses. 

Then I scooted off to get my butt kicked at Pilates. I am grateful for many things and one of them is my Pilates class. Simple truth is I do not, can not, work out this hard on my own. I practically abhor it. But put me in a class and I become a monster athlete.

Okay, end of Day Four On The Trail. I invite you to immerse in even more aspen trees by signing up for the Art Giveaway. And please check out the umbrellas made from my artwork in my Contrado Store. They are perfect Christmas gift.

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