Day Eight Mount St. Helena

Day Eight Mount St. Helena

Oct 5, 2022, Wed — Well it’s now Moody Wednesday and Day Eight Mount St. Helena. I didn’t like it when I came in this morning. Nope, not putting a ring on it yet.  We are officially in day eight. I have no idea where I started this “day” thing. It’s like an occupied zone. We are in day eight of the occupation, ladies and gentlemen. Napa Storm continues…. bend to my will, philistines!

Actually, no. It’s more like when you count the days in a new relationship that has rocketed from nowhere into fits of ecstasy. Where you’re spending every minute of every day together. From nothing to everything in one swoop. Will it work out? Will he/she actually LOVE me? Stay with me? Stay shiny and beautiful? Real and surprising? It’s so intense you count the days! And what is this problem spot? Can we surmount it? Will we be different in the morning? Will we make it? And, yes, as in all relationships, there are times when it feels like a battle of wills. Just do what I say dammit! But don’t leave me.

It really is like a torrid love affair. And I do stick with them. Ahh, perhaps this is why I tend to love the paintings that challenge me. We’ve been through shit together. 

Getting over the hump — or in this case, the hills

It’s this thin zone of background mountains that is giving me fits. Not Helena herself. But the first set of hills. I cannot get the colors right. The sky and Helena and the range right under Helena are soo effervescent and apparitional. Which makes this zone of transition (the hills) between the solid, righteous, earthbound, farmed-in-rows, moody penumbra of foreground and this lit bubbly mountain that looks like it has lifted off the earth, challenging to say the least. 

I go dark. It looks too dark. I go light. It looks too light. Ahh, I think I might have to include BOTH light and dark colors. I can see that. I can even see the colors. 

Tomorrow my love. Let’s get some sleep. 

And that’s a wrap, Margaret, on Day Eight Mount St. Helena. Bringing you the news, live and on location. And now a word from our trifecta of sponsors: originals gallery and monthly newsletter and calendar of events.

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