Contrado Store: Art for Cups, Pillows and More

Contrado Store: Art for Cups, Pillows and More

May 1, 2022 —

I am starting to get carpal tunnel from working on the computer for the last 5 hours, so this will be short. My store on Contrado was about to be deleted for inactivity in the last 3 months, so I logged in there this afternoon and added a number of new products and got to know the system a little better. Actually excited about it. It’s a company that makes high-end pillows, clothing, cups, yoga mats, umbrellas, etc., on demand using my art. 50 products is the optimum and then the prices go down. I’ll get there and then I’ll start promoting it. Even so, they are ex PEN sive. But it is high quality and conscious sourcing. 

The rest is from my Artful Gents: We have chosen Contrado to offer you unique products and designs that speak volumes about you. We first make some of our design work available on Contrado to offer premium, bespoke products that eliminate waste and ensure only the highest quality products are made (see our sustainability mission). Contrado source most of our fabrics from UK factories, ensuring strong relationships and product line continuity.

While most fabric production and supply is in the UK, some fabrics are sourced from the EU, although Contrado is known for its suppliers, fortunately. As mentioned earlier, all Contrado fabrics are abuse-free, which is great news for a abuse-free blogger like me, but now they’ve recently added their first batch of organic cotton sourced from approved factories to make sure they’re aiming towards ecology. as much as possible. The incredible mini-printing empire Contrados has its own cutters and seamstresses to create many ready-to-wear garments, which they sell through their sister company Bags of Love. However, at the moment, Contrados fabrics start at just 14.50 PS per metre, so if you are in the market for printing unique British fabrics, I cannot recommend them more.

Contrados’ incredible mini-printing empire began as a small family business called Bags of Love (which they still operate through a separate website), printing photos on bags in the early days of the internet, and has grown year after year to expand its range. and bringing together as many processes and production as possible under one roof. I recently discovered Contrado, where you can print your own designs on clothing, fabrics and everyday products. I had the opportunity to work with Contrado to make my own Contrado fabric and it was really a lot of fun. I really enjoyed doing my print and seeing it on fabric and then as a piece of clothing it was really cool.

Before ordering the printed fabric, I wanted to make sure it would fit on a pair of Avery leggings, so I used Illustrator to simulate the design on my flat print illustration. I was looking for a company that could make custom printed fabrics for one of my latest college projects. I knew I wanted to try Contrados Slinky Matte Lycra with a pair of Avery leggings, so I just had to decide what to do with the print.

I’ve been wanting to play with their digital archive for a long time, so when Contrado contacted me to try out their custom fabric print, I jumped at the chance. I was able to use the Contrados Design Load to determine the size and style of the design repeat and it provided me with a preview so I could visually see what I was getting. I really like the Contrado website because I could see exactly what I ordered. Contrado even offered to send me a sample image to make sure I was completely satisfied with the product and asked when I would need it to meet the deadline.

I then tried the unregistered route by providing my live chat email (even though I have a Contrado account) and met a live agent who seemed to be very helpful and attentive.

My confidence in Contrado is mostly back and I hope I can come back for an update on the product. To help with this, Contrado always puts an initial quote code on my products so you can not only enjoy Contrado’s quality and service, but also get a cheap initial quote. From Contrado’s customer support team, our developers, analysts and web designers, our product designers, our printers, and most importantly, our skilled technicians.

The Contrado UK Artist Relations Manager was always available to help and guide me through my initial process of adding art and products to their platform. “The fact that all of our products (custom prints on fabrics, clothing and other items such as duvets or pillows) are handmade sets us apart from others by the quality of our work and the care with which each employee demonstrates our products in the agency. Contrado manages production, packaging, shipping, customer service and returns. Contrado designs, prints, cuts and manufactures everything from boxers to bomber jackets here in London.

More and more, in line with the demands of customers and the environment, we are committed to source fabrics from sustainable production chains such as OEKO-TEX(r) and GOTS. In addition to implementing safe working practices, Contrado, by popular demand, has chosen to source fabrics from sustainable production chains such as OEKO-TEX(r) and GOTS.

Natural fabrics are printed directly, while designs for synthetics are transferred. The same applies to the fabrics used for the Contrado personalized home; their environmentally friendly printing process means that no contaminants will enter the water used to create your custom prints. If you look at the images below, you can see that each design will have a large print area, a graphic printed on the back to verify the brand’s authenticity, and even a custom label to let you know that these are the e-shop products you need. receiving.

The weekend before last I had the great pleasure of joining Foldline’s Kate and Rachel, along with other great sewing bloggers Marie, Jane, Cathy, Elena and Charlotte, to visit Contrado, a very interesting UK based print shop that has so much to do. offer. I had Contrado print two panels of the painting to cover the front and back of the pencil skirt, and it worked perfectly.

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