Full-on Contrado Design Mania!

Full-on Contrado Design Mania!

May 2, 2022

The design mania continues on the Contrado site. I am having so much fun designing STUFF. Housewares and umbrellas and yoga mats and cubes (do you know what a cube is? I thought not!) using my artwork. However, at this rate I will have to go into rehab. This can’t continue. My mouse hand is actually swollen! So I’m running this binge out as far as I can tonight and tomorrow it’s back to the studio to start a new painting.

On another manic note, my Instagram page was restored this morning. My God, the hackers were busy scamming my peeps, at least 100 DMs over the weekend. I wrote back to around 40 people this morning, apologizing, and then decided everyone is safe anyway now that I’m back in charge, so that’s good enough. What a time sink this has been. I’ll do something soon to send out the smoke signals that peace is now upon the land. Oh, I know, I’ll post a new piece of art! Duh. That will be the most convincing anyway because nobody can do that except for the real me.

But for now, check out a couple of these umbrellas! They’ll be for sale eventually. Pardon the blur, I snipped these images from my Contrado design page.

The rest is from my most helpful Artful Gents:

We’ve explored the best umbrellas available today to help you pick the perfect one. We’ve rounded up some of the best-selling umbrellas on the market below, so you can always buy one, two, or as many umbrellas as you want. Our selection will help you choose the best outdoor umbrellas for a great vacation on your patio. An umbrella that is too large can feel like it’s taking up all the space in your garden. The umbrella case is handy for storing when the seasons change and you don’t need to use it.

You can also opt for a sun visor with solar or built-in lighting for a dazzling nighttime look. they are designed to hold your umbrella in place during strong winds and storms. This budget umbrella has a waterproof Teflon canopy and nine fiberglass ribs to deflect rain and withstand winds up to 50 mph. The Lanbrellas Folding Umbrella fits easily into our luggage, withstands strong offshore winds and protects us from moisture thanks to the waterproof Teflon material. Most travel umbrellas don’t have the same level of quality as other full-size versions, but this innovative umbrella features a windproof design and a durable metal frame.

With over 5,000 five-star ratings, this bag is highly recommended, and its translucent design lets you see everything around you. We also like that the Repel Easy Touch umbrellas are available in a variety of colors, so you can more easily choose an umbrella from an overflowing bucket. After 66 hours of research and five test cycles with 48 umbrellas, we are confident that the Repel Easy Touch umbrella is still the best umbrella out there. The Balios Prestige Travel Umbrella has a premium look – with a wooden handle and sturdy construction – and costs about the same as the Repel.

The AmazonBasics Auto Vented Travel Umbrella is available at a lower price than the Repel Easy Touch Umbrella, and its ventilated design and rugged construction withstood even the strongest gusts of wind during our testing. If you’ve had too many umbrellas, rest assured that the Blunt Metro Travel Umbrella Umbrella can withstand heavy rain and winds up to 55 mph. The Weatherman’s Travel Umbrella Umbrella is a compact and lightweight umbrella made from durable fiberglass reinforced and can withstand winds up to 45 mph.

In addition to protecting against rain and wind, umbrellas should be easy to open and close while still being comfortable and easy to carry. Umbrellas offer more than just sun protection – they also add an extra touch to your outdoor space. A loyal customer praised the brand’s customer service and appreciated the affordability of this innovative travel umbrella.

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