I’ve Been Framed! 

Nov 9, 2022, Wed — I’ve Been Framed! Subtitle: Prepping for the Art Tour. Tomorrow I’m on the road to the Bay Area. I’m packing now. (Well, as soon as this is finished here. I’m not that good at multi-tasking.) It’s been a harrowing day getting all the art ready on time. I painted edges […]

Lauren Forcella Shout Out Interview 

Nov 8, 2022, Tues — On Monday, the Lauren Forcella Shout Out Interview with Phillip Ellering went live. I’m excited to share it with you. Phillip is such a good interviewer. He’s so very present and I love our rapport. Huge “shout out” right back to Phillip Ellering Stories! I’m googling how to share it […]

Profusion of Aspen — Finished

Nov 6, 2022, Sun — Profusion of Aspen — Finished! Somehow, this painting came together in the nick of time. I was back in the art studio today to finish it up and get things ready for transport to Sacramento Giclee tomorrow for image capture. Though it’s not one of my stronger paintings, I’m relieved […]

Favell Museum Showdown

Nov 5, 2022, Sat — Favell Museum Showdown. Hah, it sounds like a shootout in the old west. And funny thing is, Favell Museum in Klamath Falls used to be a famous western art venue. To clarify, the Favell is both an art gallery, and a Native American museum with an unsurpassed collection of tribal […]

Aspen Grove Is Grooving

Nov 4, 2022, Fri — Day three proved fruitful with the aspen grove painting. Indeed aspen grove is grooving! Meaning we are almost to groovy. The whole canvas is covered in wet paint as of 5PM tonight when I left. Tomorrow, I’ll look it over. I might have to darken or lighten a few trunks […]

I Don’t Feel Like Blogging

Nov 3, 2022, Thurs — Well, it’s the truth. I don’t feel like blogging tonight. But I’m going to tap these little keys anyway. It’s amazing how fast 300 words can bloom from underneath my fingers. Pure drivel of course, but… whatever. The infamous conclusion. No, it’s not a conclusion. What is “whatever?” Ah, it’s […]

I Am On It

Nov 2, 2022, Wed — I Am On It. I’m going to get this new painting done in four days. Day one was today, which included the composition, mixing the palette and decent progress with first paint. I can already tell, I have it! The motif is unchanging, so successfully figuring out what I did […]

Hot Pink Underpaints

Nov 1, 2022, Tues — Hot pink underpaints on one canvas, and hot orange underpaints on another. If that sounds sexy, imagine being there in person? I get so excited seeing the underpainted canvases. It’s like the foreplay before starting the actual painting.  Hah! I’m coming up with this stuff as I type. But seriously, […]

Billboard is Up in San Francisco!

Oct 31, 2022, Mon — Great witchy news for Halloween. The Aspen Sky billboard is up in San Francisco as of today. I call that an auspicious day! This might be my favorite Halloween ever. The billboard is located in the heart of Silicon Valley (okay not precisely San Francisco). More precisely (they actually gave […]

Champagne Beach and Other Delights

Oct 30, 2022, Sun — Champagne Beach and Other Delights, such as Wild Parsnip and Vineyard Enchantment. I’ll get to these artworks in minute. But first, today was another home day of getting sh** done, as they say. I also took a long walk to the store, pretending I was a hunter-gatherer. ((That was the […]