Castle Creek Petite Painting

Castle Creek Petite Painting

Oct 16, 2022, Sun — Taking my time today, moving Sunday slow. But I finished the Castle Creek petite painting today which is a nice feeling. And it’s cute. If “cute” is an allowable adjective for anyone serious about the arts, haha. I do think it’s cute. There’s something undeniably innocent about it. And I love the colors. 

I actually think most small paintings (this one is 14 x 11 inches), risk being “cute”. They just are. They’re little and cute, like puppies. 

Castle Creek

It was a great hike that day in Colorado with L and J, from which this painting is inspired. Castle Creek Valley is a stunning glacial valley, narrow with curved walls, and if my notes are correct, the faraway jagged Montezuma Mountains pose as a very mysterious backdrop. I love hikes where you go off trail and get a little lost. Only you know where you are. If that makes any sense. I’ve never been truly lost in the woods and that’s a good thing. 

I’m back home now after a little clean up at the studio. It’s soo dirty there. There is no real way to keep it clean for more than a minute. Grit and debris blows in from the asphalt outside, along with lots of leaves. And tons of black stuff drops from the ceiling. I truly love the industrial size of the place for the low volatiles, but I look forward to my future studio which is sheet rocked AND large. With screens to let the fresh air in and keep the debris out. And windows so I can have some houseplants in there with me. And that is adjoined or on the same property as my domicile. Haha. Any more requirements? Yes, and is beautiful! The absolute lack of aesthetics here kind of wears me out. 

I stayed focused on the easels so it didn’t used to bother me. But it is bugging me now as part of this funk. I remembered a lighter today and smudged the place as part of the solution. That feels better. And this Castle Creek petite painting is sitting there all cute.

The Art Giveaway is just five weeks away. So, make sure to sign up some of your friends! Hmm, now for some transition words. Because they are needed. As a result, the little man will turn green. Moreover, it will finally end this blog. Straightaway, I hope. Surprisingly this is taking a long time! Whew, there we go.

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