Blogging from Santa Ynez

Blogging from Santa Ynez

July 12, 2022 — Look at me blogging from Santa Ynez! Will wonders never cease. My daught and I just got back from a 2 mile walk down their very long driveway and from there almost to the end of the road. It dead-ends into one of these sexy rounded hills that are all along the road, the road running along the valley between. Nothing like a 28-year-old to motivate me, along with some sexy hills. 

So my daught went into the office today and I stayed here and set up office at her dining room table. I rewrote my laundry list of things I needed to do down here and checked off the most urgent things today. 

Dull, dull and duller, what can I say? That is not a rhetorical question in this case. I really don’t know what to say!

Let’s see, I’m sure if I keep my fingers tapping, some drivel will flow as surely as, as, oh geez, I can’t even think of a good analogy! I’m watching Ted Lasso, did I mention that? and snuck in the last episode today in the middle of dull and duller. That helped the day — what a great last episode! I feel like Nate in my inability to make good analogies on the spot. Truth be told, I am handicapped even when I stop and think about one. The writers who come up with these like butter on bread amaze me. (Hah, touché.) Oh there it is, “as surely as a runny nose on a cold icy day”. Aargh, just ignore. Patricia Lockwood. She’s a master. Michael Chabon. Ditto. I could read those two all day long just for the thrill of their language. Of course they are deep as well. 

I thought about sneaking in the Jan 6 committee hearing today as well, but I had way too much to chase down and nail to the finish line. That will have to be later, maybe even late tonight. Hilarious late show material for those who crack up over works like The Cockroach.

Oh, here’s something. I might be selling an original. Pray, pray, pray for me. Someone says they want one and then immediately crushed me with the line about having to contemplate which one. But, should it come to pass, you will hear about right here, live and on location in Blogsville: Blogging from Santa Ynez. 

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