Bliggity Bliggity Blog

Bliggity Bliggity Blog

July 10, 2022 — Still plagued with this low-grade migraine. Bliggity bliggity blog. See me typing anyway. So hot today… I cannot keep the house bearable without running the AC for a few minutes every couple of hours. The heat is so much worse with a migraine. All you want is something cool — like an ice bath, for instance. Speaking of which, I really miss my cold plunge and if I wasn’t worried about it bursting and flooding the house, dripping through the floor boards to flood the landlord downstairs, I’d be using it. Or, if there was some privacy in the front yard, I’d be using outside, but there isn’t so much as a single tall bush to provide privacy from the street. Heavy sigh (you didn’t hear that, so I had to write it).

So much fun, despite the brain malaise, and heat, to see D and E Gulia.. today at the studio. They have been recreating up in the Trinities and stopped in to see me on the way home. I was happy that D made it to the show in Weaverville as well. It’s been at least 10 or 12 years since I’ve seen them. We were parents together at Live Oak Waldorf. What fun catching up with them!

So… bliggity bliggity blog. I am packing for a week at my daught’s in Santa Ynez. Leaving tomorrow by plane, so packing has to be more thoughtful. Not that I’ve started yet, but I will when this blog is finished. 

I did work today at the studio after D and E left. I got signatures on the two newest paintings: Sunset Palm and Redwood Sunshine. Sunset Palm took me about 12 tries! And I continued work on the “correction” of Enchanted Forest. It’s quite possibly finished. I wanted to bring it home and see how it held aesthetically when I hung it in the house. But too much wet paint. The last thing this headache needs is sleeping in a house full of fumes. I will just have to wait to get home to give it the home interiors test. 

And dang, I need to drive back over to the studio as I forgot my “Kasha” list of things to do on the computer while I am at her house. She’s working every day and I will be, too. I do hope to grab a golden hour or two at the coast while I’m there, otherwise just happy to be hanging out with her under the same roof.

I do hope you sign up for the Art Giveaway!

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