Billboard Contest Free Gift

Billboard Contest Free Gift

Sep 30, 2022, Fri — Since I have to write up the billboard contest free gift message, I will do it as my blog post. I should get some “brilliant” points for that! Bring on the gold stars! Amazing day in the studio — I’ll share tomorrow.

Here goes: 

We won the Fine Art America Billboard Contest! As promised I am sending a free gift to each of you who voted. 

Typically in a juried art competition, you pay an entry fee. But Fine Art America was brilliant to ask for 100 votes instead. Because to vote, as you all found out, you had to open an account! (All clear to close that now if you like :))

There are 500,000 artists on Fine Art America. I’m not sure how many artists qualified for the contest, but we can assume it was in the thousands.

Winning a juried competition of this size is a huge deal! I can’t thank you enough for your part in getting me those 100 qualifying votes! 

My gift to you is a 10MB file of the winning artwork, Aspen Sky.

This file is from my pro image capture from which prints are made. It is a big enough file to make a 22 x 22- inch artist quality print. (For perspective, a screenshot from my website is 1-2MB.) 

I’m giving you permission to use this file for personal use. You can take the file to Staples — or better — for art quality, google a fine-art giclee printer near you. Or simply use as your screensaver. The file is copyrighted. This permission is for you only, no sharing please.  

Thank you again for getting my work in front of the judges. I hope you enjoy this 10MB file of Aspen Sky!

In mid-October Fine Art America will announce the billboard location. I will share in my next newsletter. If you don’t already get my monthly newsletter, I warmly invite you to sign up here.

And that’s a wrap for Billboard Contest Free Gift.

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