Billboard Contest Blues

Billboard Contest Blues

Aug 13, 2002, Sat — Shouldn’t I be backpacking right now? Instead I’m singing the billboard contest blues. The problem is, I have nobody to go backpacking WITH. It might be another missed year. Next year, I really need to get on some kind of meetup, so at least I go backpacking. Maybe not with my favorite people, but at least I am out there.

The other four times I went since I’ve been in Redding seem rather miraculous in retrospect. They were all from Meetup. Good reminder. Wait, one was from Bumble. Hah, it’s also a reminder of why I stopped Meetup. All those trips had some guy pining or pushing for it to be something “more”. Except the one from Bumble, where it’s a miracle we didn’t kill each other. He was the worst hiking companion. Inexperienced, yet ruddy with male ego. Always pushing hard for terrible modifications to what was my hike. Each of these hikes had a giant hassle factor. Almost as much hassle as this billboard contest!

Sing me the blues

Which is what I AM doing this lovely month of August. Wow, getting the 100 votes has been a real challenge. I’m only at 52 for one painting and 37 and 42 for the other two. This from 2000 fans who interacted with two different posts on the topic. What’s that ratio, omg, a whopping 2.5% success rate. Not too different than my family, frankly. I sent out a family email, thinking everyone would vote and out of 30 members only 2 did! Let’s calculate… ahh, a 6.5% success rate. 

I’ve been writing sarcastic follow up emails in head to them. I mean, really guys? Five minutes of your time for your flesh and blood? I will send out a reminder… I am grateful, honestly. Sadly, it really is asking a lot in some weird way. Because we’re all sick of computer time. 

So them’s my billboard contest blues. Nonetheless, I should be able to pull it off with more social media posts, the newsletter, and some personal appeals. Maybe I need to send out individual emails… I’m starting to think that’s what it’s going to take. SO DUMB. A part of me is definitely sorry I started the contest. I didn’t realize the hassle involved in voting. You have to register with Fine Art America, wait for your email confirmation, then you have to find the links I sent, and THEN you can vote. 

Sing the blues for me, my imaginary readers. Let’s win a grammy! Here’s the art and here’s where to vote. Wouldn’t any of these be amazing on a billboard!! See, now I’m excited again 🙂

Stained Glass Afternoon vote here
Grandmother Oak vote here:
Aspen Sky vote here:
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