Big Day on the Town

Big Day on the Town

Aug 16, 2022, Tues — So much fun on this big day on the town. Get this girl out of the studio for a change! I started the day with a blowout, which is always amazing for my mood. I always joke that half the women on antidepressants could ditch them for a good blowout every week. For me, I go from let’s rock, to let’s shoot the moon! 

Following said blowout, I met J. S. who came to town to see the art show. Well, that was a little embarrassing. NVAL’s google page says they are open Tues – Sat, but Wed-Sat is plainly stated on the door with the security grate pulled. Thank God, she was/is a great sport and we had a ball anyway. We have mutual friends in Sebastopol who have been telling us to meet each other for two years. And it finally happened on this very day. We sat there in the heat (obscene at 110 today) until deciding that indeed their door was correct, not their google page.

So we went to Woody’s for a cool down in the form of iced tea. And talked non stop for another 90 minutes. I LOVE this woman! Like I’ve known her my whole life. And she lives in Red Bluff, of all places to find a gem like her.

We already have a road trip planned for when I take the art to Sonoma in Nov. It’s literally calendared. We will both stay the night at our mutual friend’s house, she has literally already arranged it. And she is a font for knowing people and galleries in the Bay Area. And she’s a Scrabble freak. Need I say more?

And my favorite nerd…

From there, I went home, ate lunch and took a quick sleepless nap. I am operating on 3 hours sleep. I thought the insomnia was over, but no! The sign on this door says, maniacs only. So after a brief flirtation with REM, which woke me right up, I went to my new and only favorite nerd, who actually blushes when he talks to me. He gave me my shiny newly-refurbished computer back with its two new and larger drives, and a new battery. This guy is so cute. I swear I have a crush on him. Too bad my computer is going to work perfectly…

Then, right after that, it was the first day of Pilates! Ashley opened a new studio and today was the first day of class. It was just me and Farren and Ashley. Talk about old home day. It was such a good workout, and such excellent social time as well. I didn’t realize how much I missed both. I am so happy and full. Like a balloon on nitrous. Float me out of here!

So that was my big day on the town, and now I hope to sleep tonight. If you haven’t voted for the Billboard contest, this is your chance.  Here’s the latest FB post that tells all about it and gives the links to vote.

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