Back to the Contrado design board – Over 50 products listed

Back to the Contrado design board – Over 50 products listed

May 5, 2022

I stayed at it today in earnest and got dozens more products designed and entered into my Contrado store. I have been absolutely obsessed and decided the only solution is to finish the binge and get the store up and going with over 50 products. That way the prices come down and I can feel good about promoting the items. And get back to the easel!

If there ever was a metaphysical reason for my ending up in Redding, CA, it is most definitely to get my art business off the ground. I see no other purpose in being here, but this is one is big. There are no distractions and all I do in this town is work on my art biz (dfinitely helped along by the pandemic). The Contrado Store up and running is another step.

Here’s a fun design from today: the ladies scoop necked T! 

Artwork is from one of my early works: Secret Life of Rocks II

I was going to show you a cube but I forgot and screenshot the blouse instead. But the Artful Gents stayed on task and will share with you about cubes:

The standard Rubik’s Cube was originally advertised as having “over 3,000,000,000 (three billion) combinations, but only one solution.” Rubik’s cube or jigsaw puzzle has 43,252,003,274,489,856,856,000 possible combinations, but there are people in this world who can solve them in seconds . Earlier this year, while I was writing a video of the world’s fastest Rubik’s Cube solver, Rubik’s Cube, I decided to spend some time learning how to solve this classic puzzle myself.    Show Source Texts

Like some other Rubik’s cube solving methods, you can solve a Rubik’s cube using a two-aspect system (two algorithms) or a one-aspect system (one algorithm). Each cube solving method uses its own set of algorithms, as well as a description of the effect the algorithm has and when it can be used to bring the Rubik’s cube closer to resolution. Such algorithms are often simpler than algorithms without side effects and are applied at the beginning of the solution, when most of the standard Rubik’s cube has not yet been solved and the side effects are not important. In addition, all algorithms are accompanied by animations, as in the last example (only if the animations are active). The Rubik’s Cube is assembled piece by piece, just like any other puzzle.    Show Source Texts

Keep practicing the solution until you can complete the Rubik’s cube without looking at the next algorithm (remember them), I promise you it will happen sooner than you think! Read my Rubik’s Cube Buying Guide, where I talk about the best speed cubes on the market and what world champions use. There is a method of solving the Rubik’s Cube with a robot, which is based on a non-invasive brain-computer interface, and only considers using the Rubik’s Cube to rotate the Rubik’s Cube. David Singmaster first published David Singmaster’s solution in 1981 in Rubik’s Cube Notes “The Rubik’s Cube”. I’ve used millions all over the world – this Rubik’s Cube Solving site will show you how to solve any valid scrum in simple steps. – Step by step solutions.    Show Source Texts

MasterCubeStore has created a solution guide. Even Professor Erno Rubik, who invented it, believed that it was impossible to solve it. I used to play with the Rubik’s cube when I got stuck in places where I had nothing to do, like in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, between classes, etc. Then I was able to solve the cube, but it took a while. The media first spread the story of how Rubik developed his first cube puzzle to help students learn 3D objects. Rubik himself later admitted that he decided to design a puzzle based on geometry.    Show Source Texts

From general recovery to fast speed and minimal pace to reset, from a crooked arm to a blind recovery [30], more and more Rubik’s Cube fans and riders are excited about the more challenging Rubik’s Cube challenges.    Show Source Texts

Cited Sources

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