Back in the studio

Back in the studio

June 5, 2022, Sunday — Back in the studio, hallelujah! Every time something calls me away and I finally get back to work, as in actual painting, I am so completely grateful for what I do. And so sure that I’m doing what I was born here to do. I only regret I didn’t start painting full time at an earlier age. It was one thing to discover this talent at age 41, another to get the courage to jump out of a plane with no parachute. For me, it really took the plane crashing anyway, so what the hell. I wonder if I’d have jumped if life was comfortable. If you look at life metaphysically, everything led me to this moment. Taking that first 16 years after E’s head injury at (my) age 48 and continuing with work that was good for the kids (the column) (very very good for the kids in this case, as well as millions of others), then Chuck randomly breaking up with me (over the art, over my desire to do it) which left me in a crashing plane with no parachute and I knew it was now or never moment. A what have I got to lose moment. A moment tailor-made for a stubborn badass like me who is not going to be told what I can do and not do by some dude who I’ve served like a king. In the USA, which is not an art-loving country (being too focused on profits, efficiency, and stock numbers to really get it), you almost need a metaphysical triple threat like this to take the step I took and take every day. Along with the validation that every “back to the studio” experience is a hallelujah moment.

Back to the studio, hallelujah! Did I already say that? Yes, and I need to say it at least 2 more times for google to take me seriously about profits, efficiency and stock numbers (it is the USA after all) and hoist me to first in search. Will it happen? Not sure, but my web guy says this is a no-cost way. Did some more touchups on Pele and started first paint on Frangipani, aka Plumeria. Utterly exciting to be in my groove again. Sometimes I resent any and all interruptions, haha. I laugh, but it’s also true. Yet the interruptions are mostly my lovable peeps, so what are you going to do?? Just love it all…

Speaking of lovable interruptions, talked to Muff today and she launched into some interesting stories of her and my mom. Wow, crazy stuff I’d never heard before so I found myself taking notes. I really would like to do a series of vignettes on those two. But that will be for a different journal as some of my mom’s stories, bless her fierce heart, are NAFW.

Back to the studio, hallelujah. Ending on a high note, here’s the beginning of Frangipani. And don’t forget about the art giveaway!

Back to the studio, hallelujah. Ending on a better note, here's the beginning of Frangipani
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Painting nature is my way of being devotional to this beautiful planet we’ve been born to. I strive to bring onto the canvas the livingness, aliveness, and wildness of this wonderland we call Earth… Read More

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