Back in the Art Studio

Back in the Art Studio

July 19, 2022 — I missed my blog yesterday! Chalk that up to fatigue and forgetfulness. I got home yesterday around 3PM from my flight and buzzed around unpacking and prepping for the week. It was an absolutely productive time, and I totally forgot I had one more thing to do. Aargh. I had such a wonderful time in Santa Ynez with my daughter and hubby! And it is also wonderful to be back in the art studio

I went there today, all ready with two photos, one from Hawaii, and one from the beach at Gaviota. They were all cropped and sized for painting, and loaded onto my flash drive. (I don’t have internet at the studio, so I do that work at home and bring the ready photos in on a flash drive.) But when I went to open my studio computer, the keyboard wasn’t working. I couldn’t even enter a password to open it. Darn thing. Before I left, I had swapped out the remote keyboard with a brand new older one that uses a cord. It had an outdated 6-prong plug and I had bought a USB adapter and set it up before I left for Santa Ynez. But I didn’t test it, and so there I was today with the darn thing not working. 

Sigh. So guess what I did instead today back at the art studio? I vacuumed spiders. Talk about getting the creeps. The place was home to black widows when I first moved in. They were nightmare material. I actually bought spray for the first time in my life for them. Thank God, no new black widows moved in, probably due to the activity and light from the bay door being open so often. Now the place is taken over by Daddy Longlegs. Which I can tolerate alright. It makes me feel bad to vacuum them. But today, in the black widow’s former corner were several huge spider egg cocoons. Time to stop putting this off. 

Once the spider pogrom was complete I went to Michaels. (So weird, I only saw webs, no actual spiders) (maybe they left for greener pastures with the place closed up for a week.) They were having a buy one, get one free on canvases, so I bought eight new big canvases. Great to be replenished in that department. I dropped them back off at the studio and came home. And here I am, blogging!

Tomorrow is my trip to Napa to pick up the painting that sold. I called several new wineries today (ones that made a list of most beautiful), and hope to do a photo shoot at at least one of them tomorrow at sunset. Cross fingers.

And I’ll cross fingers for you when you sign up for the Art Giveaway drawing! THANK YOU 🙂

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